Saturday 29 November 2014

Morning After

Today is the morning after the second all night party.  However bear wasn't too affected and slept fine, DH wore earplugs and I had the dehumidifier on as white noise so it could have been worse.  This explains why I managed to delete Witch Hazel's comment instead of publishing it (I'm sorry but sadly have form for this) but I managed to pull it out of the email notification.  Witch Hazel posted

Following on from our earlier "conversation", I see that Makro has an offer on Triple Velvet toilet paper. Bogoff on 24 rolls (so 48 rolls), reduced to 9.99 +VAT. 3rd-16 Dec 

My first response was to say, 'la la la, I can't hear you...'  Of course I then started doing the sums.  48 rolls for £9.99 plus VAT is a very good deal indeed.  It equals the best price at Tesco, is far better quality and provides the emotional security of a stock pile.  Of course I can find quibbles.  The toilet roll quoted is really soft, luxurious and thick.  I am not sure my plumbing will cope with it.  Of course I could take the risk...

The main reason I won't be getting it is that DH is giving me a lift to Makro today, before the offer starts.  It fits in with the rest of the running around.  I have not put all the awful stuff that has happened over the last eighteen months in my blog - you would never believe me - and it is starting to really get to bear.  Today we are going to see 'Paddington' then have a mid afternoon meal at the Harvester, call in at Makro and then come home for cuddles.  I shall see if there is a decent deal there.  I am down to my last five rolls.  I am starting to get very twitchy.

Of course, I could just wander down there on Wednesday and then walk home with 48 rolls of toilet paper...

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