Sunday 16 November 2014

Another Bear Day

Bear loves his weekends.  He spends a lot of time with DH on Saturdays - yesterday they had breakfast out, had a good drive around, visited father, and bear got a chance to let a tarantula walk all over his hand!

I decided not to put up a pic from Wiki Commons as it may be a bit cruel on any arachnophobe coming across it unexpectedly.

He had a long cartoon watching marathon with DH, lots of cuddles and some stories.

Today he and I are chilling on our respective computers.  I may bring my blanket it.  It will be interrupted soon as bear has decided that it is my duty to knit him a sweater, as that is what mum's do.  Whether he will wear it is another thing.  Rather reluctantly I scrolled around Deramores and got bear to approve a slipover, plus the appropriate yarn, plus a little extra for a scarf.  Then I grumbled about when knitting was a cheap way to get clothes.  The pattern is here and the yarn is here.  Bear has asked that it is knitted in Berry.  I am still not sure why I said 'Yes' when really I should be saying, 'Are you going to actually wear an actual slipover?  You can't keep your shirt on at the moment.'

It shouldn't be hard.  It shouldn't take long.  I should know better.

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