Thursday 6 November 2014

Bonfire Night

Father insisted we took money out and got fireworks, large quantities of them and extra rockets.  So I hid in the house and bear and DH had fun.  The remains are still scattered all over the garden.  Bear of course recorded the occasion.  I think it was too dark for the video to work properly but father will get to see all the photos on Saturday.

The people at the back were playing loud music at 2am this morning.  I was incredibly unimpressed.  As they don't make a habit of it, I am okayish, but if I had had a voodoo doll handy at 2am someone would be walking with a limp.  DH has had a few bad nights and it is incredibly unfair on him.

At some point I am going to have to sort out the freezer of doom.  I am going to throw away anything I consider a bit iffy.  If I am going to constantly be looking at stuff and pulling a face and putting it back all I have is small, frozen, ugly, useless ornaments.  I want the space.  As it is I have only a faint idea of what is in there, and I want to defrost and stock up for Christmas.

Off to find out if IKEA meatballs are gluten free.

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