Saturday 1 November 2014

Bear is getting a phone

It goes like this...

DH is getting a new phone under his contract.  He is not paying any more, so he is fine.  I am getting DH's former phone.  This leaves my creaking relic.

My phone is very old indeed in phone years.  Any geek would snigger at it.  It stops working at 50% charge and is too old for half the apps around.  However it is a smartphone and bear has played games on it when I was seeing the doctor/nurse/healthcare professional over the summer.  In fact it was a lifeline when I had to deal with unpleasant things and needed bear occupied and out of earshot.

So DH has gone into my old phone.  There is now no sim so no phone calls.  The wifi is disabled but DH can fiddle with it for downloading eg ebooks with the Kindle App that is still there.  It is one of the few apps left, DH has taken off lots of apps and bits and pieces so that it is only really the games which bear can play plus stuff like the Kindle and the calculator.  We will explain the rules and be very clear - this is not to go into the bedroom, it is to stay in the house.  We will be watching what he does and we will not let him get away with anything.

I hope we are doing the right thing.

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  1. So I suppose it isn't really a phone any longer, but more of a games console and E-reader? I don't think that you can go too far wrong with this arrangement, as long as Bear doesn't work out how to re-enable the Wifi! Good luck xxx