Friday 14 November 2014

An extra Day Off

It's a training day, and as bear is absolutely exhausted by life at the moment I was hoping for a lie in.  Bear had strict instructions to go back to sleep when Daddy went to work and see if he could catch up.

Actually bear lasted until 8am which is practically noon for him.  Then he told me he was too hyper to stay in bed so was going downstairs.  I gave instructions about getting himself some cereal and juice and told him I was going back to bed.  I hunkered down but at 8.15 bear called up to say sorry for breaking a plate and all in all could I make his breakfast.

8.15 isn't bad, a lot of people would be grateful for it and I know DH would.

As it is tipping down relentlessly bear has spent the day so far lounging around.  He hasn't even bothered with any maths.  I am making the most of it.  He has been boneless watching people drawing on YouTube while I have sneaked in a spot of ironing and some very minor pottering.

I am not sure what to do with myself.  I am actually a bit fed up.  I am no nearer getting bear's blanket finished than I was at the start of the week but the ironing pile has shrunk considerably and I've cleared out a load of rubbish from the bathroom.  In fact I have completely re-jigged it and given it a good clean.  I even cleaned behind the fridge the other day - anything except deal with the objective I set myself.  I think I may suggest bear and I watch the Lego Movie (again) and I can get some knitting done then.

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