Wednesday 5 November 2014

Not throwing things out

I have been flinging things with abandon.  I've just got rid of so much.  The bin sacks and boxes are piling up in the garden and I have a few bits for the charity shop starting to mount up again after the last big push.

I was looking closer at two things today.  One was a large sack of embroidery floss.  Some of it was my grandmother's and she passed in 1987.  There are lots of bits, ends, discontinued numbers, odd shades and nameless lengths - the detritus from a hundred kits and projects.  It is a very large amount, but I never seem to dig in to it.  When I do pick up a cross stitch needle it is usually a kit with floss included.  I couldn't think of a reason to keep it.  I even checked on my friend ebay and there are plenty of inexpensive bundles of cross stitch floss should I ever want to get going again.  Besides, surely it was rotten after all this time.  However when I opened it the stuff seemed fine and a bit of stamped embroidery I started a while back fell out.  I remember how happy I was to start it, and how I got broken off and the bits I wanted to do - I got nostalgic.  I miss doing cross stitch, but my eyes get so tired.  I think I can hang on to these bits for a little longer, just to see if I can get back to it.  It is on borrowed time, though.

The other thing I was looking at was a set of folders.  I am a sucker for those 'collect' magazines.  I have collected all sorts of rubbish.  However I got this set and loved it.  I always used to really look forward to these coming at the newsagents.  One was a 'decorate your home' type and one was a 'decorative needlework' type - I can't remember their names.  Sigh.  I loved them, leafed through them, dreamed of the projects, never got anything done.  They are both incredibly dated.  I don't think I can part with them, though.  There are still some useful techniques and I plan to revisit and perhaps have another go.  They are a bit safer.

On the other hand, with practically everything else all bets are off!

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