Friday 7 November 2014

Bear wears a vest

Bear has Views.  Last year I couldn't get him into a vest at gunpoint.  To be fair to bear, last year's winter was warm, their school is an exceptionally warm place, the house is never that icy and the distance between home and school is very short indeed.  I didn't bother buying vests this year.

Yesterday bear was very disappointed at my failure, as a mother, to provide vests.  You know, the things I couldn't force him in to last year.  The white things that he avoided like the plague.  The clothing equivalent of torture.  Today he went into school wearing the last vest that still fitted him and a martyred expression.

Fortunately, ebay is my friend.  Six vests are on their way.

To be honest, I can't say I blame him for wanting to wear comfort clothing.  It has been quite brisk here, even in our sheltered spot, and this morning was very damp indeed.  I would say that today is the worst school run for weather since bear started back in September.  It wasn't a bad school run, though, or a miserable one.  I saw a very stately heron in the beck this morning and I was struck by its elegance and poise - and its size!  The small brown bird that flew crossly over the path as I got home was very small indeed, smaller than the average sparrow.  I've googled images of wrens and it is plausible, and there are lots of dense bits of bramble and hawthorn around so I suppose it could be.  It was such a contrast - the large, stately, aristocratic heron and the small, irritated, ruffled brown bird with extra attitude.  I got absolutely drenched dropping bear off at school but I was smiling when I got in.

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  1. Children can be immensely contrary at times. They are sent to challenge us, I am sure xxx