Monday 3 November 2014

Being Chugged

When I took bear into town last week I was approached a couple of times by the charity fundraisers.  Each time I politely said, 'No thank you,' and each time they persisted until they got the death stare.  I don't like being approached when I am with a young lad, it isn't right that they won't take 'no' for an answer.

I tried to explain it to bear.  These people are earning money depending on how many people they sign up. They may have families to feed, and bills to pay, and you can understand them being persistent.  It is okay to say, 'no' but it is fair to be polite.  However the charities often don't get so much of the money that they raise.  A certain amount is taken off from the donation to the charity, and I believe if the standing order is cancelled before the collector has got the full amount then the charity has to hand over that money.  I tried to explain to bear that if you wanted the charity to get the most of the money then it was  best to pay online or make a donation in a charity shop.  Bear found the whole thing a little odd.  I felt sad that part of the process of getting bear into a functional adult was explaining some of the ways you can be ripped off by someone apparently working for a good cause.

Bear isn't too bothered, however, as he continues to use the phone as a video camera.  I touched the subject of video editing software for Christmas with DH.  Apparently video editing software comes with Windows.  Sigh.  Evidence of my lack of housekeeping will be on YouTube before I can blink, I can tell.  Possibly with a soundtrack.  Yesterday we went on a walk and bear spent every muddy moment videoing.  When you play it back I am sure you will hear me in the background saying, 'Watch what your feet are doing!' again and again and again.  It was only a bit of scrubby grassland and he treated it like a route march.

I have a happy bear and that is what matters.

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