Tuesday 18 November 2014

Tesco Win


Tesco were running a promotion that if I spent £40 this week I could save £40 off my shopping next week.  I didn't want to spend £40.  However after facing up to the horrific state of DH's duvet cover I added on a duvet cover from Tesco for £14, and while I was at it I made the total up to £40.28.

Tesco Basics Reversible Duvet Set King Size Navy/Brze
Image taken from the Tesco website - I'll review the product later!

I will still end up spending more than I wanted to next week, but there are a lot of little bits I can get for bear's stocking, so it could be worse.  We certainly don't need alcohol and I'm running down the freezer in the run up to Christmas, but I will be adding glittery paint and paper to the basket.

I also pottered through town today on the way to visit father and saw this - it made me smile.

Though I wish I could reproduce bear's expression when I explained to him this morning that it wasn't a new door bell next door but a Christmas decoration.   Next door get a bit giddy.  To be honest, this year so am I!

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