Friday 28 August 2020

Another Week Gone

 I'm sorry I forgot to post yesterday. I got deep into 'The Crow Journal' by Finn Cullen which was quite riveting. I put up a review here. It's a story set in mid-Victorian London with magic and faerie and intrigue all mixed up - it's quite scary in places and I really enjoyed it.

Hester - that made me laugh! I had such fun writing that story. I wonder if my mutterings about flies have summoned something. If so, I'll let you deal with Darren.

Julia - there's so many fruit flies here as well. I've started hiding apples in the fridge, which I normally never do.

Fifitr - I may try that, though the Morrisons stuff is doing fine. I've had a look at some of the Palestinian olive oil soaps and quite fancy them. 

Cherie - no butter dish here, but that would work really well. Or not having fancy soap

Pam - I had to laugh as well. 

Today has felt a little off. I think it's because it has been so cold and wet, and the weeds in the garden are flourishing. I took a picture of the laurels opposite.

As you can see, they are hanging ridiculously low. I spoke to the manager at Matalan yesterday and she came around and had a look. They hadn't realised it was so bad. The branches catch the top of my little citroen so goodness knows what they do to delivery vans. Matalan have always been good neighbours, however, so I'm confident it will be sorted out. They do great kids schoolwear as well.

I still have some bewildered fruit flies around, but they seem lost. Long may that continue.

Hugs and good health to all.

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  1. Hope you are doing okay. Seems odd to not see a post for 3 days. Take Care. Ranee (MN) USA