Wednesday 19 August 2020

Damp and Cold

 Bless - 109F? 42C? !!!!!!!!!!!! I think I would expire. I couldn't cope with that sort of heat at all! Just wow! It is around half of that inside my home which is remarkably well insulated. Outside they are rating it around 18C or 64F. This is far more normal for September (yes, it's August, but British weather is what it is). Is it so recently I was complaining about the heat? I'm looking out a sweater now.

Today has not been an epic day. Though it was black bin day, and DH remembered to take it out and bring it home, and I got it washed out, so that was a success. I forgot it last time and the thing was far from fragrant. 

I've done some more writing stuff. I ran a grammar check on one of the chunks from the White Hart and it found over 900 errors! I may need to do some serious work on that.

Eileen - thank you for that awesome review. I'm really grateful. 

Writing stuff - and it's another win as I managed to get my head away for a little flash fiction after the writing challenge here

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Re the review, you are welcome. I genuinely enjoyed the book. At the end of the Kindle version there is a link to the previous tales of their adventures but the link doesn't work. Please can you point me in the right direction? Thanks x

  2. Yes, 109F/42C. I might have got a little dehydrated, but, otherwise, managed. This weekend, however, I am planning to set up the small window air conditioner up, in my bedroom, so I have a cool place to retreat to the next time it gets so hot (and it will - September is usually the hottest month).