Friday, 21 August 2020


Bless - I think air conditioning must be a necessity! August is usually the warmest month here, but this is British weather so all bets are off. I've shivered in August before now (it's quite cool today) and we've had 30C at the end of October before now. I wish I could remember where I saw it, but I'm sure I saw an article a few weeks ago that said that the British climate had elements of both polar and tropical weather systems. I hope you stay hydrated - that's so important! As you are from Sri Lanka, at least you understand the importance of tea (more than me!). 

I'm still getting the hang of Instagram and I may yet abandon all hope. I tried taking a pic and got myself into so many knots. I found a little coin purse with £17 in outdated currency in it.

Sorry if the pic is a little big. I'm having a few issues with phone pics as well. So it's on Insta, but I kept having to fiddle with the settings. I don't approve. Next time I will definitely almost certainly remember tags. 

Today Netflix released the first few episodes of Season Five of Lucifer and I decided that I would spend the day watching Lucifer and perhaps doing a little knitting. I told bear and DH that I would be doing nothing else. 

Nothing else has included three loads of washing, ironing half a dozen polo shirts, clearing a forgotten corner (where we found the money), sorting out some bits on the counter, wiping down the bannister and a couple of doors with disinfectant and a certain quantity of writing stuff. I've watched a couple of episodes of Lucifer as well. 

Tonight will probably involve more Lucifer, partly because I adore it and partly because I want to crack on with the knitting, but after today's schedule, who knows?

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. I have at least one fiver. I usually hang onto my leftover money from year to year (from when I visit Mum) and I forgot that it was going out of circulation. Oh well. I did remember to spend the tenners before they were gotten rid of too lol.

    Lucifer! I love that show! We've been getting our way through Supernatural but I'm thinking we might have to take a break to watch Lucifer!

  2. That a whole lot of "nothing"! LOL! Enjoy your weekend.