Saturday, 22 August 2020

Not Quite Lost

Fifitr - I tried the route that got me amazingly, outrageously lost again. I nearly was fine, just a right turn instead of a left and I quickly realised and did a three point turn at a side road to get back on track. If I go down a route half a dozen times or so, I pick it up okay, or I slot in different ways that fit in with somewhere I already know. I don't know whether it's a good thing or a bad thing, but I usually treat getting lost as a glorious adventure. So as long as I'm not on a schedule or running low on petrol, I can usually enjoy it - unless it involves a dual carriageway or motorway! On the other hand, I once got genuinely lost in a supermarket which was mortifying. And I don't really trust satnavs and I've recently picked up a paper road atlas.

Bless - after writing that blog post I did some more writing stuff, knitted a little and cleaned out my handbag.

Sharon - I may keep the money as a prop. And also as a memory. I wish I had some of the old fivers, they were really pretty. And I totally recommend Lucifer. Apart from the plot and some amazing acting, the cinematography is so beautiful! It's like a work of art. The film is lush and sensual and the style of filming is very much supporting the plot. 

Today's run out, apart to test the route, was to pick up a few bits from a supermarket. It wasn't straightforward. An entire side of the M62 was shut down near me due to a severe accident and the traffic spilled over onto the routes I was taking. Fortunately I have learned a few different ways around so on the way back from the supermarket I managed to avoid what looked like a tailback for several miles and nipped down some back ways before the frozen mince I had bought fully defrosted. I hope those in the accident were okay. The little I have seen online looked really bad.

I think my next big push, apart from writing, is actually to do all the knitting I need to do to get the yarn mountain reduced. Hester mentioned donating blankets to a dog's rescue, and I'm sure I can think of a few places that may like similar. I live very near a Cat's Protection League shelter, so I could drop stuff off there. Or I could perhaps sell blankets (if I got them knitted up) as I am trying to watch pennies. Even if I didn't get the cost of the yarn back, it would be something. I may do a mix. I suppose I could donate the yarn but it's all stuff I've been desperate to knit up. I'll work something out. 

Hugs and good health to all.


  1. Have fun with the knitting. You could definitely sell the blankets or, as you say, do a mix (sell one, donate one, etc.)

  2. My aunt often forgot where she had put her car in the big city carpark she frequented when going shopping. I went to school nearby and occasionally would get a message via the school office to proceed to the Victoria carpark after school and help her look for it! She was very scatterbrained and it was a very large car park. At first she was so ashamed she'd wait until almost everyone had left in order to find it, but after a while she just accepted it was part of her personality and rang the school. I loved spending time with her so it was never a problem for me, plus I got a lift home instead of having to walk. Good luck on your next expedition!