Wednesday 16 February 2022

At Least One Pic

Sharon - I feel oddly bereft without a car. It's very unnerving. I will be glad to get back on the wheels!

Bless - thank you. The repair is about what I expected, and what I have budgeted for. Bear really does know his own mind, thank goodness. It won't do him any harm as he grows up. 

Cherie - thank you, you have given me a massive hug and I am very grateful. I felt a little guilty as I have previously posted it before, but it is one of my favourites. Lots of people are looking. Thank you.

Eileen - thank you. 

I managed a pic.

The light was failing and the trees were standing out against the sky. The phone didn't do it justice. DH and I both have the feeling that there used to be a lot more leaves and branches than we can see currently, but that's not surprising. We aren't in the worst of it, but the wind is really howling around and I wouldn't be surprised at anything I saw blowing past. We are relatively sheltered, but I will be checking the slates on the roof tomorrow.

Not having the car has been a little odd. It's taking me back to the time when I hardly went anywhere at all and I sank into a dark place. I've been trying to keep going with my writing stuff, but I've not achieved as much as I would like. I've also been worried about bear. He came home absolutely drenched, poor kid. I'm taking the car in tomorrow, and hopefully pick it up Friday, just in time for half term break. He has been so good, though, and not complained. 

I hope everyone is staying safe in all this weather. It's very unnerving.

Writing stuff - I got a one star review today for my first self published novel, back in 2012. I can sort of see their point. I've put the reaction on my writing blog here.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Bless you love. I like to give a shout out to fellow bloggers.

  2. Hope the wind doesn't cause any damage! Hope the car will be repaired soon!

  3. It is tough when you're without a car. I felt so isolated, especially as public transportation here is basically non-existent. I hope you get the car fixed soon!

    I think you're very brave to put anything out there. I lack confidence so much. I wish I was half as brave as you! It's the reason I haven't put my photography out there as much as I probably should or shared other things I wish I was brave enough to share. As you say, you have improved.

  4. Fingers are crossed that you have a working car by the weekend.

    Glad you didn't suffer any damage from last night's storm and hope for the same tomorrow once Eunice arrives.