Friday 4 February 2022

Knitting Fail

Cherie - I have that pic saved in a folder full of things that make me smile. It also includes links to reviews on Amazon of sugar free gummy bears and cat pics.

Eileen - I thought it was fascinating to see the link between the Cailleach and the groundhog. I was devastated I couldn't get a pic.

First pic - something that made me smile. Some non-sparkly scrubby yarn that I ordered a while ago turned up and I will make a scrubby strip to use as a long loofah. 

Then something that didn't make me smile.

It's a decent sized hole in the fabric. I think I got the join wrong when I joined some yarn. The yarn is quite soft and slippery, and my usual method of knitting two strands together may not have worked so well. I also made a mess of the cast on with stuff like this. 

I used the thumb method, which doesn't give a secure cast on but is nice and loose for knitting blankets. I am not sure I'm up for a long tail cast on over 170 stitchs. I'm going to rip it out and start again.

I'm usually all for neutral or dark colours but recently I've gone very multi coloured. I'm worried that I could break out in chintz at any moment.

Writing stuff - today's short story is from before the current health crisis, and a reflection of a way of seeing plague in medieval times, here

Hugs and good health to all.  


  1. I feel your pain with that knitting fail. This is my favourite cast on...

  2. Yikes that yarn looks really difficult to work with.

    Gummies on Amazon. I laughed at that as one time as my son sent me a link to gummy bears on Amazon that caused upset stomach and some of the reviews were quite funny (though I'm sure it wasn't funny for the poor people suffering!)

  3. I've knitted using similar wool before and found it really difficult to use. Not that I'm a great knitter - I've been working on the same poncho for four years now!

  4. It's a shame you have to start again with the blanket. I love your choice of colours both for the blanket and a scrubby strip ... both good options for the WPSH rainbow prompt!

  5. Sorry you have to start over again with the blanket. I like the colors of your yarn.