Monday 7 February 2022

Could be Worse

Bless - the elephant is actually a dog toy. My brother lost one of his dogs to the sickness going around (the poor woofer was already elderly) and his other dog was pining, so I got this for her. I'm looking forward to getting the benefit of the loofah.

Cherie - I really could do without it. 

Sharon - I have so much to do and it's really bad. I can't even move around much. I don't want to do detail, but I think a lot of women will understand.

Eileen - I have been having a blast with the Scavenger Hunt. Thank you so much for setting it up.

Patio Postcards - I couldn't believe the shrub and can. It really did look like it was partying. When I was younger, I absolutely went to parties that could end up with disembodied mannequin's legs. I am not speculating further!

My lady bits are still enthusiastically active. I do not approve of this at all. I feel very fed up. What is worse, the car is still at the garage.

As far as I can work it out, it goes something like this. The first service I had, at a little garage, they mentioned that the car was very low on oil, which was odd as I got it from a very reputable dealer. Then last summer I had the service and MOT done, and then the oil warning light, which is when they told me that the valve on the sump was iffy (they didn't charge for repairs as they didn't spot it). After the last service and the complete lack of oil, they have found that the thread holding the valve is the thing that actually went. I need a new sump. It's £300, but they're not charging for the oil. And they have to order the part and it will probably be a few days.

To be honest, the poor man who rang was having a heck of a Monday. When I dropped the car off, there were phones ringing, people shouting in the garage and a queue out of the door. I tried to be nice to him, as it wasn't his fault. I'm not really surprised. The car is now six years old and I can expect to see repair bills creeping in. Poor bear got the bus at 6.30am today, and will be doing that for the next few days. He has been quite cheerful about it, but I'm sure he'll be glad when it's back to normal. 

Something that made me smile - I spotted this moss on the wall today and it made me smile as it looked so furry, like I could stroke it.

Writing stuff - King's Silver is out tomorrow! It's my first proper fantasy novel, and something of a step into the unknown. As a little snippet, I've posted a story set in that world here. Please send good vibes. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. We used to have the bottom part of an old manequin (from the waist to the top of the legs- literally the bottom part). We blocked of the bottom of each leg with a piece of cardboard held in place with masking tape and hey presto we had a very original waste paper bin...we were art students at the time!!
    Congratulations on your new novel must be so exciting. xx

  2. The moss on the wall reminds me of the tribbles in Star Trek!

    Sorry to here the news about the car. Nothing to do with cars is ever cheap.

    I'm looking forward to tomorrow ... I charged my Kindle today ready to get started on Kings Silver when it downloads. ☺️

  3. Good luck on the book!

    I used to love seeing that moss. It was quite furry. Hope the car gets fixed soon!

  4. Well, at least you now know what is wrong with the car and can get it repaired as soon as the part comes in. Bear will survive the 6:30 a.m. bus rides; my daughter did! She had to catch her school bus at 6:15 a.m., from 4th grade until 8th grade. :) Good luck and best wishes with the new book! How exciting!