Wednesday 2 February 2022

One of Those Days

Sharon - thank you! And bear is definitely growing like a weed, thank goodness.

Deborah - to be honest, you and those like you are the reason why I go to the shops instead of getting deliveries. I don't want to take spaces from those who need them. Fingers crossed that you'll be able to get something like that soon. And, between you and me, it was first thing in the morning when the store was practically empty, and I keep wearing my mask. 

Eileen - There are a lot of branches down around here, and more high winds forecast. I'm hoping that the driving doesn't get worse.

Cherie - I'll have to work up to that! Mind you, I could get bear to help with the technical stuff. I actually changed my route from one with a lot of trees to one without so many!

It's actually quite a good thing that I'm easily bored as there are so many roadworks and hazards, together with a burst watermain that is blocking a huge section of one route that I have to pick my journey with care. Today I had to pick up a computer mouse after I dropped bear off as mine had stopped working. I can't cope with the tracking pad. This was a little unfortunate as my search took me past the candles and I bought some that I really didn't need and I was looking in the wrong place. Still, the candles don't go off and they were on offer. They will definitely be used.

It's been quite snug here. There have been three of us in the room, with an Xbox, a laptop, an iPad and a candle and we are all quite cosy. I had to take off a sweater. I think that the candle can make all the difference.

Today's pic of something that made me smile is my knitting. I really enjoyed it today. Despite it being eyelash, it's knitting up lovely fairly easily and is lovely and soft. Earlier this evening, though, I managed to pull the yarn from the wrong end and I was left with a tangle that made me question my decision making. 

Writing stuff - a little throwback to a medieval type story is here

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. The knitting seems to be coming along nicely! I really like the colors. Is it going to be another blanket?

  2. Pretty colours but I can't remember what you are knitting. Is if a shawl?