Sunday 27 February 2022

February Photo Challenge - Circles

I followed Eileen's challenge of the month for February with the theme for circles. I had something of a fail. I didn't go anywhere much. There was half term, the car was in the garage or not able to be driven for around ten days total and the weather was foul. But I did manage to pick up a few. I've looked through Eileen's awesome pics and I found it really inspiring. I'll have to look with a broader eye next month, when the challenge is 'beginning with H'. Looking for these things has been amazing for my mental health.

Anyway - my pics.

It's a circular rubber band that I noticed on the pavement. I didn't touch it. I should, however, taken the picture closer.

A thingy in the trolley shelter

A sign, which was optimistic as the cars were flying past it

Decoration on a window

Lots of circles with the tealights - which I resisted buying!

I nearly put this under the 'wheels' category for the scavenger hunt

The pringles lids were a lovely collection of circles.

And this is hard to see, but it's the round tokens that they give you at the checkout to vote where the donations are going.

I definitely want to get more pics next month! I shall be making lists of whatever can begin with H and investigating dictionaries. 

Eileen - thank you so much! 


  1. These are brilliant Lyssa. I do like the elastic band on the pavement and the ethereal quality to the round tokens. Many thanks for joining the hunt.

  2. I definitely don't think this is a fail! I love the one of the rubber band on the block paving - very arty. Clever of you to spot the dots on the automatic doors ... and as for the Pringle lids - if you really want to see a failed photo I could send you a similar one I took of the tops of ice cream pots at the theatre! It was so grainy I didn't deign to post. Yours has come out much better.

  3. I think they are great! They work for the prompt and good for you for doing it. I always have good intentions and I mostly get distracted lol

  4. I, too, don't think this was a fail, Lyssa. You have selected some great photos for the challenge! I like the rubber band on the brick paving - at first, I wondered if it was a gold ring! And lots of circles with those tealights! :)

  5. Well done with the circle challenge. Once the snow clears from here I'm sure we will see all kinds of wheel coverings laying on the side of the roads (col).