Saturday, 26 February 2022

Nothing Much Going On

Wherethejourneytakesme - those dishcloths are just the right amount of scritchy. I am impressed by your brother - patching up the computers after students tried to prove how clever they were must have been a challenge.

Bless - bear is in heaven. I love knitting these, and I can't wait to put them into service.

Libby - I've found myself looking for things to make me smile, and that has to be the healthiest thing to do. I'm glad you're also getting the benefit. Also - 6-0 and within three points of City. That definitely put a smile on my face!

Cherie - bear was just so grown up! From what I saw, from a safe distance, they were following logical steps and got a great computer for a great price. I don't think I would ever have the confidence, but bear would. Also, you are awesome, and can do all sorts of things.

Eileen - when I listened to bear and my brother, I understood that they were speaking English, but it went flying over my head. They were just so meticulous and happy with it though.

Sharon - I just thought I would put a sort of chatty piece on, and the question made me smile, so I thought I would share. Bear is very happy indeed.

It's been a funny sort of day, so I thought I would put a quick post up. I've been surrounded by lots of stuff happening, so I haven't been able to look at anything that needed concentration. Bear has a fully functional computer with multicoloured lights. Brother came around last night and he and bear put it together beautifully. He also treated bear to a new, larger monitor. Bear has been practically floating. 

All sort of normal here. While I was looking at the desolation that is my garden, I spotted this.

It made me smile, so I took a pic and to heck with the weeds. Hopefully back to normal tomorrow. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Daffodils are such cheerful little flowers. You're slightly ahead of me ... I think it'll be another week before mine flower x

  2. My brother is quite awesome with computers. When he worked at the Uni he had to sort out everyone's problems with both the hardware and software and both students and staff. One person in particular on the admin staff was annoying him with her constant demands and complaints about her computer. He got his own back though when he was fixing her computer problem of her own making for the umpteenth time by sneakily installing a program onto her computer that made a loud ping noise every time she hit enter (just like the old manual typewriters did when you returned the carriage to the beginning). She was quite embarrassed when her colleagues kept asking her why her computer was making the pinging noise and she had no idea how to get rid of it (or where it had come from). Fortunately, my brother didn't let her and her colleagues suffer for too long and after a week he did remove it but not until all the computer technicians in his department had had a good laugh.
    Love the lonesome daffodil it is like the opposite of Wordsworth's poem about the host of golden daffodils!!

  3. Daffodils! How pretty! I planted some, one year, but, they are annuals in my area (unless you dig up the bulbs and chill them).

  4. I love daffodils. They definitely remind me of spring and Mum