Monday 14 February 2022


Wherethejourneytakesme - I very much let bear get on with it. If he gets into trouble at school for uniform issues, that's on him. I won't bail him out. So far, there hasn't been a problem. I was always the one heading for trouble when I was a kid - nothing silly but if anyone could cause chaos, it was me. Bear has decided that he would prefer a quieter life. Fingers crossed for your journey tomorrow. Rain is forecast, but I think it's all in the timing.

Eileen - thank you. We are hitting a blip now, but she's been pretty good over the last three years so fingers crossed that it calms down.

Akasha - thank you, and Valentines wishes to you as well.

Bear sloped off to school at 6.30am looking like a ninja. He was all in black, he had his hood up and he had a black cloth face mask. He was fine. 

I haven't taken pics today either. I've been nattering around a lot of writing stuff and got seriously distracted. I was going to sit in the car for twenty minutes with the engine turning over to keep the battery charged, but the clutch was whining so I turned it off almost straight away. 

I've been nattering about writing stuff so much that my concentration is all over the place. I hope to be back tomorrow and making more sense.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Hope tomorrow is better! I hope you don't have bad weather this week. Ours is supposed to be all up and down. It's actually going to get warm enough to rain and that means all the snow will melt and be a mess and then it is supposed to turn cold enough to snow so it will all turn to ice again. Sigh.

  2. Cars are such necessary things these days & oh the problems that are caused when they don't work well. Hopefully nothing too expensive to fix.

  3. I think we might just get back before the storm in either location - I am not sure I want to be in the caravan here if a bad storm hits - much safer at home I think. x

  4. Bear sounds like a great lad and a credit to you. Your description of him 'sloping' off to school brought back vivid memories of my nephews at that age ... a great description! xx

  5. Sounds like Bear did just fine in his all black outfit! :) Sounds like you are busy with your writing. Hope the earache and sore throat are all better.