Friday 18 February 2022


Wherethejourneytakesme - Thank you. I never thought of the persona as a technique, especially as it is pretty much me (but nicer natured). But it has really been useful over the years as I work on the writing. And the more I write, the healthier I am, so I need to keep cracking on! Thank you for the support.

Cherie - I was sooooo glad to get in tonight. I'm hoping that you stayed safe and warm today.

Sharon - It's scary, but I have found it worth it so far. I wonder if you could manage a home made sign - please be patient, I'm doing my best.

Eileen - thank you! Bear has been a complete sweetie and hasn't complained all this week. He was very grateful today, though.

Well, I made it. As I said to DH, I didn't move away smoothly in 1st gear. It was more of a launch forward. I think I made the right choice with the P plates. There were a few moments on the school runs where I was struggling with the biting point and on a hill - just when there was a car close behind me. It wasn't just once! At least with the P plates they had been warned. Very little of my route is flat, and I need to use the gears a lot. There are also quite a few junctions and a couple of roundabouts where I need to get away quick, and it was a challenge at first.

The weather wasn't too bad this morning, which was just as well. I'm starting to get the feel of it, and I suspect that the clutch is bedding in. The weather in the afternoon was awful, though, and I was a little worried at times. I thought I would be blown across the road and there were times when the whole car shook. I was careful to park away from trees while I was waiting for bear, and I sat knitting with a blanket over my knee. It was surprisingly fun and great to get back to. It made me smile so I took a pic.

The car shook quite a lot as I was knitting, but there were only twigs flying around and it felt almost snug. I had to drive around a fallen tree on the way home, though. That was quite unnerving. 

I feel very lucky as we were in the yellow warning area, so we had very little to worry about compared to the poor people who have lost power or have been affected by fallen trees. It's been worrying, and more storms could be on the way at the weekend. I'll be glad when the weather calms down. 

For some reason, I'm quite tired now, so I think I shall have a quiet evening and an early night.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. It has been much calmer than I thought it would be here - I can't imagine what it was like up in Scotland but no-one has rung us yet to say the cottage or thcaravan have been damaged or whisked away by the wind.
    Good idea with the P plates - I hated having my brakes done as they always felt so different afterwards and once or twice they were so keen I almost shot myself through the windscreen when I had to brake quickly.

  2. Glad you managed the school run. It is quite scary driving when things are so windy. I must admit it isn't a favourite of mine, but that I find less scary than the snow. I just have to remember to really concentrate and keep both hands on the steering wheel lol.

    Hope you have a good weekend!

  3. Glad to read that you got through the storm, safely. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  4. Glad your journey to and from the school passed without mishap. I'm always impressed with your driving as it sounds like you are dealing with busy and difficult roads and heavy traffic on a daily basis. Thankfully I don't have to deal with that down here. On a daily basis the roads are much quieter and I only get stressed when I drive in the big cities like Bristol.

  5. I used to drive a huge automatic car many years ago. It was a dream to drive though a bit of a nightmare to park as it was so long and stalled in reverse. I think if ever I was to drive again I'd plump for an automatic.