Saturday 5 February 2022

Oil Fail

Sharon - I have those reviews saved, along with a few others that I can turn to when I'm feeling low. Another one I have saved is here.

Cherie - that looks like a really useful cast on. I'm going to have a go at it, but not on a blanket. I'll work up to it!

Hester - I know! I love the colours, even though they are not my usual style.

Dormouse - the yarn is so lovely and soft but with the eyelash strands in the way and the way the colours change, it can be difficult. I always say that the fun of knitting is the journey and not the destination.

Eileen - I never thought of using those for the rainbow. I've been having trouble finding something like that. I'll probably use the oil spill though. Btw thank you for the WPSH, it's really being good for my mental health.

I've started the blanket again. It was horrific to undo as it got into a colossal tangle. Years ago, I used to buy bags of tangled yarn on Leeds Market for around 1p per gram, and I would spend hours unpicking and rewinding them. That practice helped because, with the long eyelash strands and the quick changes of colour, it caused a lot of harsh language. I ended up using the cable cast on. It's the way I was taught, nearly 50 years ago, but it tends to draw the fabric in. That's great when you are knitting the cuff of a sleeve, but it doesn't help a blanket as it can look shrunk at one end. I needed something firm, though, because the dratted yarn is so slippy. So I used 10mm needles (US 15) to cast on and then carried on knitting on 8mm (US 11) so I'm hoping the bigger needles keep it nice and loose. I tried to take a pic, but my phone is definitely not up to it. 

I nipped out to put something in the car and noticed this. 

I'm pretty sure that it's an oil leak from my car. I checked the dip stick and there's practically nothing. DH has said that he may walk to the nearest garage (about twenty minutes) to pick up oil and I can top it up enough to get it to Kwik Fit. They did the service on it, which includes oil change and oil cleaner, just a few weeks ago, so I hope they will be able to work it all out. Please let it be inexpensive.

But this made me smile.

It's a sign of spring. It's also a little sad as I'll be digging it out, but it's nice to see it coming through.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Fingers crossed that the oil leak is a minor repair.

  2. Oh I do hope the oil leak doesn't turn out to be expensive, especially so soon after an oil change. It's a great rainbow photo though!

  3. Oh my gosh - that is SO funny!

    What a lovely little sign of spring. It would be nice to see something growing lol. I hope the oil leak wasn't too expensive!

  4. Sorry to hear about the oil leak, but, you got a beautiful rainbow photo for the WPSH! Is that your honeysuckle vine that is starting to leaf out?