Tuesday 8 February 2022


Wherethejourneytakesme - That sounds like an awesome waste paper bin. I found this pic and I had to share. I have seen a few YouTube videos about this sort of thing, and I am so tempted. Mind you, all the plants would be dead if it was me growing them.

Eileen - yes! The moss reminded me of tribbles as well. Thank you for your support on this. I hope you enjoy the story.

Sharon - thank you. I'm keeping all crossed for the car.

Bless - thank you. Bear doesn't seem too bothered, though he is more in favour of the bus home than the cold, wet, dark bus to school. Hopefully it will sort the car out.

Today has been a sort of nothing day. I've been hanging around watching for any sort of reaction to King's Silver. I found that there was an amazing, if generic, review on a pirate book site. I really don't recommend trying to get a free copy from those sites. I suspect that all sorts of viruses get downloaded with anything that they have. 

Bear is managing with the bus, though he got into trouble at school. He couldn't finish his maths homework because he had lost his calculator. It's a specific type of calculator that does those weird sums that I never understood and that even maths teachers say that you need a calculator for. As I was typing this, I found this site - calculator net. It seems to have all sorts on there. I haven't checked it properly, but I shall be having a play after this. I had a quick look and found that it could calculate my age in seconds. I'm sure that I will find things like the square footage calculator of interest and I can check things like angle calculator without bothering bear. 

I think I shall crawl away and get an early night. I feel exhausted.

Writing stuff - King's Silver was published today and I wrote a little about it here

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. I love that jeans planter! I showed it to my daughter, but, she's not impressed! LOL.
    Hope your new book becomes a best seller, Lyssa! Hope you receive lots of good reviews!

  2. I'm not reading any hints of the book until I can buy it. I'll settle in for an early night in bed with your book and a glass of wine.. Bring it on. :-)

  3. Does Amazon keep you informed of how many copies/downloads there have been of each of your books? I can't begin to imagine how excited you must feel at the moment, or do you feel more anxious than excited?

  4. Love the jeans! Made me smile. I don't have much of a green thumb though. Poor Bear. If those calculators are anything like the ones my kids had to have they are really expensive to buy!