Sunday 6 February 2022

Picture Scavenger Hunt

This is in response to the Winter Photo Scavenger Hunt set by Eileen T on Bracelet of Days (thank you Eileen, it has been something of a sanity saver). I have made a right mess of copying things over, but here we are with my list so far...

1. Party Time!

I saw this and thought that it looked like the bush was having a party!

2. A Star - I was browsing the candles when I shouldn't when I saw this.

3. Something you use every day - my battered handbag (also holder for keys, pens, notebooks, lipgloss, hand sanitiser, etc etc etc

4. Form or Shape - Just some fancy sign in the supermarket 

5. Diagonal - the stairs at the car park where I wait for bear

6. Currency - A sort of sad one. When father was alive, I used to help out the Methodist Church fairs and events. There was a 'roll the two pence' where you rolled a two pence coin down a chute and see which square it landed in. It had to be exact and not touch any margins, but if you made it then you could win 2p, 4p, 6p or even 10p! There was just enough return to keep a young kid with 50p in tuppences busy for long enough for parents to catch their breath. It didn't make much money for the church, but it was very popular. I saved all the 2p pieces, but the board has fallen to pieces and they aren't having the sales and events that they used to. I'm going to use it in the self checkout now.

7. A Rainbow - I wasn't happy to spot this - my car has an oil leak.

8. In Profile

9. A Single Letter of the Alphabet

10. Trees - taken one morning in a supermarket car park

11. Represent your zodiac sign or your Chinese year animal - I'm using the fake birthday I have on my writing Facebook as I don't like giving out my birthday. I think it's Libra, but couldn't find scales, so I went for balanced.

12. Symbolic of the country you call home - sort of, I think. It's supposed to be an English Rose, and a white rose is the symbol of Yorkshire. Yorkshire may not be a country, but it has it's own international football team. (sad note, this bush blew over 5 Feb 2022)

13. Graffiti/Street Art - I spotted this a while ago, but I took another picture for the challenge.

14. A tea break/coffee break snapped at a cafe as I don't drink tea or coffee much these days.

15. An External Light - a rather rubbish one of the moon, which I guess is fairly external. 

16. Half - half a dishcloth because the yarn ran out!

17. Wheel(s) - I thought it looked sort of cool.

18. A Gift - my son's Christmas gift to me

19. A Decoration I thought this looked cool

20. Small - a small elephant

Alt A Free Choice - who can resist taking a pic of a mannequin's disassembled leg?

Alt B The Weather Today - when the weather was interesting

Alt C Square(s) 

This is what I have on 6 February 2022, but I may update with some better pics if I see them. 


  1. That's a great collection of photo's, I love the idea of the scavenger hunt.

  2. These are such great finds! I love them all, but, the elephant is probably my favorite!

  3. You are certainly having fun with the list from the WPSH. I did chuckle at the shrub having a party & the leg in the shrub - I wonder if from the same celebrator!

  4. Wow, you have made a great start. The mannequin leg is the winner for me but I also like the steampunk cat gift and the party time one. Many thanks for taking part in the hunt, Lyssa x