Monday 21 February 2022

I Regret This Picture

Wherethejourneytakesme - When I first got red, I thought I would end up going through the window, seatbelt and all! But they've been done and are a lot softer. I suspect that when they are next adjusted, I will need the P plates again.

Sharon - I have never really driven in snow, but I am far more scared of the thought of snow. I've driven in tough winds before and while I know that it's tricky, it's not so scary as snow!

Bless - thank you.

Eileen - I just had a think about the driving. It's a lot quieter than it was before the plague, but everyone who does the same sort of routes locally says that it is a tough drive. It means that I am confident with all sorts of weird corners, tricky slopes, complicated roundabouts and stupidly parked cars but I'm still afraid of motorways. To be honest, I think I would always dodge driving in a city if I could help it. They all seem to have strange one-way systems with lack of signs. 

Cherie - the taxi driver I had the other day recommended an automatic. I suspect that when I go for my next car, I will use the same rules - go to a safe dealer and pick a car that is the cheapest possible with four doors and room for shopping. Automatics seem complicated.

We had all the rain, wind, snow (as above) more rain, more wind and more rain (thought it's been sunny this afternoon. When I saw this, I went to take a pic and disturbed the sparrows on the birdfeeder. I hadn't seen them for ages and I felt very guilty.

Yesterday the main road near us flooded. I was not surprised. They keep failing to maintain the reservoir that is supposed to hold excess water and then are taken by surprised when one of the main routes to the big Leeds United v Manchester United match was underwater and therefore closed.

Apart from being near a closed road, we haven't been too badly affected and I know how lucky we are. It's half term for bear, so today we stayed in. The weather seems to really have taken it out of me. I feel so tired that I can hardly remember what I did this weekend!

Writing stuff - a little flash fiction from the world of my latest book is here

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Oh I hope the weather improves for you. I'm sure the birds will be back. Usually, at our house, they sometimes stay out of the way in bad weather hunkering down in trees to shelter.

  2. It is not easy driving around here with the hills and bends and bad roads. When we used to go down to Shropshire it was a breeze in comparison - good roads, well signed and they preferred roundabouts to traffic lights. People around there used to elect to take their test in Whitchurch as it was a doddle to pass and quite flat - so no hill starts to negotiate. Throwing it down here - might collect the table today and pop into Ikea, forgot it was half term...will be heaving!

  3. Before you completely dismiss automatic cars why not see of it's possible to arrange for a lesson or two with a driving instructor to see how you get on with an automatic? My niece did that and now always has an automatic car in preference over a manual gear change.

    Enjoy the half term and hope the weather improves before you have to brave the school run again.

  4. I have only ever driven an automatic car! I wouldn't even know how to drive a stick-shift! Hope you have a relaxing half term! Be safe on those snowy, wet roads!