Wednesday 8 March 2023

A Few Small Snowflakes

Bless - thank you. Bear is being awesome about it (in my very biased opinion). I think I'm going to have to track my water intake.

Sharon - thank you - that means a lot about the photo

Cherie - I get headaches sometimes with upset stomachs when I've eaten something that doesn't agree with me. Cheese is a main culprit but I know that there are a few additives and bits and pieces out there that also trigger. I just have to let things work through my system. I suspect that some gluten free biscuits set me off initially but as they are great as comfort food, I've kept having them before I realised. I hope that I'm finally dragging through the end of it.

Eileen - bear would very much like to aim for all nines. From looking at his results and reports and talking to teachers, 9s are a reasonable possibility in Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, and Further Maths. They are a chance with a bit of luck and a lot of study in History and Business Studies, but 7s or 8s are more realistic. A 9 is unlikely for Drama but not theoretically impossible. A 9 for English Lit or English Language is something of a distant dream. If he gets a 6, which is still respectable, he will be reluctantly okay with it as it gets him into the courses. 

Today we saw at least three snowflakes in the afternoon.

It was very light, didn't affect the road and barely affected visibility when driving bear home. On the other hand, we have an Amber warning for snow tomorrow and I'm a little nervous. Our home isn't particularly high up, but Heckmondwike is on the edge of the Penines, which is forecast to be quite hard hit. The problem is that our area isn't set up for snow, which happens about five days a year, so while I'm planning the routes with care to avoid the worst of the hills and the trickier corners, it is still all main roads which should all be gritted. It should be okay if I avoid the worst of the hazards and pick my route. There is one roundabout in particular that has been vile in the last few days, with a lot of traffic and it being tricky to get out. It's been - see a small gap and hope for the best. That won't work in snow. 

Bear is completely rejecting a hoodie or heaven forbid a coat. Negotiations are ongoing, but I don't feel optimistic. 

Today I got a coupon from Tesco for £2 off if I spent £12 or more in the Home Department. It seemed rude not to indulge.

Writing stuff - I've given a brief update here about plans for the next month of writing. As my track record of sticking with plans isn't brilliant, it may be taken with a pinch of salt, but I'd welcome all opinions, if you feel like commenting. 


  1. I honestly don't understand this aversion to wearing coats or jackets that the teens seem to suffer from. I always wanted to be warm at that age but it wasn't a 'thing' then anyway. Good luck with persuading Bear! xx

  2. Bear is a Yorkshire lad why would he want to wear a coat when it snows?

  3. A little snow is pretty, but, a lot of it and having to drive in it can be a problem! I hope the roads will all be clear when you need to drive.

  4. Like the snowflakes - glad it didn't affect the roads though. I hate driving in it. We're under a weather advisory 6 inches. I want Spring!