Thursday 9 March 2023

Several More Flakes

Eileen - my coat is vital to me, even as a teen, but then I've always been nesh. 

Lovely unknown commenter - it's like the pic from Scott of the Antarctic, with him all bundled up with the rest of his team and a Yorkshire lad in a t-shirt saying, 'What? I've got a sweater around here somewhere.' I was born and brought up in West Cheshire. We didn't do snow.

Bless - so far, so good. Most of the route is main roads which are gritted, so I should be okay.

It's been a funny sort of snow day. After the weather forecast last night, I expected to wake up to Snowmagaddon. There was hardly anything at all. It's been fine snow with a lot of rain mixed in. We've got away with it a lot. This is what it looked like midday

It was snow falling, but it wasn't sticking. There were a few inches settled in the countryside between us and school, but the roads were okay. There was only one moment on the way home tonight when I could see slush on the road itself, but the drive was fine. I should add, I got an ear full of snow when I was topping up the bird feeder, but there wasn't anything worth worrying about. 

It was non-uniform day today and bear looked awesome. He was wearing the black blazer from his interview, a black shirt, black tie, black (school) trousers and polished shoes. I am absolutely not asking him about his romantic situation. 

He got really good marks in maths and further maths, and he got 52% in the Physics Olympiad, which makes me incredibly proud of him. 

Tesco are doing 3 for the price of two on jar sauces. As DH has one pasta bake per week, every week, I got six. I'm considering getting more, plus a load of the curries. We may use one jar every other week, but the jars last for ages and the way prices are rising, I would be mad not to. I'm definitely only getting the ones that we use regularly, though. They also had Heinz beans, 6 for £5.50 the other day. I can remember when it used to be a bargain when you got 6 for £3. As it was, I regret only getting one pack. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. I'm glad the roads are okay. I remember being so anxious when I would have to drive the children to school when the weather was bad. We live on a hill so sometimes it's difficult to get up in the snow. We have a four-wheel drive car now so that helps. I still don't like driving places. I've told husband that if it wasn't for the other people on the road I'd be okay! So many people here drive just as fast (generally over the speed limit) when it's snowy out.

  2. I think I need to actually have a look in-store at Tesco next week and see what's on offer that'll be useful additions for restocking the cupboards. It's one way of keeping costs down in the long term. Thanks for mentioning this. xx

  3. I'm glad the roads were good. I'm sure bear looked very handsome in his all-black outfit. :) Sounds like he's happy with that blazer he was persuaded he needed for the interview! :D