Friday, 17 March 2023

Bargains and Not-Quite-Bargains

Bless - thank you. I think the plans are in case I accidentally do something I should.

Eileen - I think rewriting the lists regularly may be useful for me because it will keep tasks at the front of my mind. I am forgetting far too much.

I am so tired as I type this, but it's not been a bad day.

I did a walk! And I went a little further than normal which I'm pleased with. It still wasn't far, but it was something.

These aren't near a river or anything, so I am somewhat bewildered why these trees should look dip-dyed.

It was unexpectedly muddy. I don't usually take this path.

There is a moss appreciation society on Facebook and I'm considering entering this. 

I love seeing flower and fruit together but I've no idea what it is. I would guess at a type of laurel, but otherwise I've no clue.

And I've always loved grape hyacinths.

I picked up some bits in Aldi and another sweater kit. I'm making slow progress on the sweater kit that I picked up a while ago to knit for Lent. It's knitting up fine - when I make time for it. The yarn feels so lovely and cosy that I was thinking what a snuggly blanket it would make - and there was one pack left. It had been reduced from £14.99 to £9.99 and contained a pattern (which I already had) and 800g of yarn, which is a pretty good price. It's not a bargain in one way as I already have too much yarn, but it is a bargain in another as it is a good price for the yarn and lovely and warm. 

Then I called in quickly at Tesco as I wanted the stuff for Mother's Day (we're having steak). While I was there, I picked up three veg stewpacks, 1kg of swede/onion/parsnip/carrot mix marked down £1.10 to 80p. Those are now peeled, chopped and in the freezer. That's one decent casserole and probably 8 portions of soup with some lentils and flavourings. I also picked up some marked down organic brown onions which totalled £2.32 for 1.5kg. This compares well with the ready prepared frozen onion which is £2.40 per kg. There was a little waste with the peelings, but not too much. I haven't finished putting those up. I'm now on the look out for marked down mushrooms as we're almost out of the ones I've previously chopped and frozen. I also picked up three jars of Sweet and Sour sauce, which are three for the price of two. I've seriously stocked up on jars. I don't think that I'll need to buy any more for a good few months. 

Today I've done little bits - I've done a load of washing, I've given the bathroom a quick clean. I've done some writing, I've eaten a proper lunch, I've managed a little knitting, I've made a dinner, put up the veggie bargains and now I am nodding off as I sit here. It could be a lot worse. I left the house at 7am this morning and got home at 9.47am. Then I left the house around 2.15pm and got home almost dead on 5pm. I admit, I'll be glad when the school run is finsihed. It takes so much out of my day, and the driving was awful today. My emergency stop had a good work out. 

Now I'm nodding off over my keyboard, so I think I will aim for an early night.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. You won't know what to do with all that free time.

  2. Sounds like a productive day. Quite a deal on the veggies. Wouldn't even come close to those prices here.

    The first thing I thought of when I saw those trees was a giant wearing boots lol. I can even imagine those trees coming alive and strutting through the woods with those bright green boots :)

  3. Sounds like you had a very busy day! I hope you were able to have an early night and a relaxed weekend. :)

  4. Have to say having to deal with the school run was as tiring as most things I did in a day and a lot less enjoyable. Finding bargains is relaxing by comparison and you can feel positively smug when you've done such a good job of dealing with them. Not seen the Aldi yarn kit, although like you I already have a fair amount of yarn so don't actually need more just need to use it up. Elaine

  5. Well done on getting out for another walk. You're being consistent even if you feel you are not walking far enough. I like your mossy wall photo.

    It sounds like you had a productive day with writing, knitting, housework, shopping, food prep, and the two school runs ... I'm not surprised you are tired! xx