Wednesday 22 March 2023

Currently Quiet

Eileen - the gift was so thoughtful and because he knew I liked it. It makes it really special.

Ruth - I've always loved that poem. It just feels full of sunshine.

Bless - I put that poem/frame together on Canva and I'm considering printing it out for myself. I've always loved that poem, but I've never seen much else from that author. I am a little nervous about colour changes, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed as I come up to the first colour change. I bet your sweater will look so beautiful. The colour combination sounds beautiful.

Lovely Unknown - I freeze mushrooms by peeling them (I find the skins are often tough), chopping them relatively small, throwing them in a ziplock bag and bunging it in the freezer. It doesn't seem to affect the taste (though they get used up quite quickly) and I throw them in to all sorts of stews and casseroles. As I've written, the men like jar curry sauces, but I always add something like mushrooms, onions, frozen peas etc as well as the meat to give it a bit of substance and the frozen stuff is perfect. I've found that it works well for onion as well. 

Cherie - you should absolutely get paid for your poetry. I'm working on monetising my writing, but it's a work in progress. 

Last night I peeled, chopped and froze 1.5kg of mushrooms. I also peeled, chopped and froze the bargain onions I got last week with the veg packs. One had turned and I had added a couple of onions to the veg packs as I prepped them for the freezer, so I think it was around 1kg of onions. I also hit the target of 6k steps, which I was pleased with. And I got quite a bit of knitting in as bear had the school maths quiz and was late out (I think that his team did well, but to be honest, I'm not sure). 

Today I managed 6k steps again. To be fair, most of them were around Tesco, but I did have a little walk in the park. It was a lovely bright morning here.

I've been so tired, and got a lot less done than I wanted. I was shattered on the afternoon school run. 

The squirrel, by the way, is getting to be a regular visitor most mornings. Today it was very reluctant to leave the bird feeder and waddled off reproachfully when I got out of the car. It's either expecting kittens or we need to ration the bird food. I hope to get a pic one day, but if it carries on, I'll need a wide angle lens on my phone camera.

Tomorrow I will be going backwards and forwards to school three separate times. There will be the morning, then the afternoon when I have to get him back for fancy extra maths online (which he looks forward to!), then off to the parents' evening. That is a total of roughly 48 miles with a lot of it stop start town driving. I'm going to be fit for rags at the end of it, so I may not post tomorrow.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Sounds like you did a lot of peeling and chopping! My hands were cramping up, just reading about it! That's a nice park and well done getting your steps in! Too funny about needing a wide angle lens to photograph the squirrel! :D Hope tomorrow's driving back and forth go well and the parents' evening will be a good one (I can't imagine it being anything else!)

  2. 6,000 steps a day is brilliant. I'm impressed ... I couldn't manage that at the moment, no way. It sounds like you are doing well even if it doesn't feel like it to you.

    Well done with the progress with the veg prep and freezing. xx