Friday 10 March 2023


Eileen - before I forget, Tesco switch over their offers on a Tuesday, so they run Tuesday to Monday. You can check online without signing in, eg which is Pizza Sauce, but they have a load on, including curry and pesto. It will also tell you the date the offer ends online (21 Mar 23 in this case) so you know if you can pace yourself or whether you need to get what you're getting now. You need a clubcard for most of the offers, but that's easy to get and the offers like the sauces come with the free version of the clubcard. There is small print. For example, if you get three of different types, the cheapest one is free. I know with the frozen deal a few weeks ago they only allowed so many of the discounts per transaction as well. So I will be going and absolutely getting the pesto, the curry sauce and the pasta sauce and putting them through in separate batches of three. And as the pesto I like is cheaper than the pizza sauce, I'll be careful to group the pizza sauce together so that one of the more expensive ones goes through as the free one and not a cheaper pesto, iyswim. 

Sharon - you are awesome. I told bear that the other drivers were the scariest thing about driving in difficult weather. Some areas near here had a warning for 40cm and I also will be glad of spring.

We had lots of snowflakes last night. At 5.30 it looked a little like this.

At 6am I got the text that school was closed and I was extremely grateful. Bear was also extremely thankful. We've been quite warm as we have good double glazing and the sun was on us this afternoon so a lot of it has melted, but we are forecast -6C here tonight so it will be ridiculously slippery tomorrow. 

I have a stonking headache and queasy stomach again. I suspect that not only is something I'm eating setting me off, but my sinuses are also playing up, so I am not a happy bunny. I shall have an early night.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. It looks like a winter wonderland with all that snow! Glad school was closed and you didn't have to drive in all that snow. Maybe your headache and sinus issues are weather related. It's raining here!

  2. The amount of additional snow (5 to 7 inches) is expected to put us in the category of "historical snowfall" for the season, starting tonight.. Total inches are well above 50" plus overall and it just keeps coming. I have had the crud since last Thursday - sore throat, coughing, fatigue, earache, headache and have lost my voice and if that wasn't enough, I pulled something when coughing last night so feel like I have to hold myself every time I cough. It's pretty rotten and now I have given it to my husband. He has the sore throat - bad one, and came home and ate some soup, and laid down and has been sleeping for 3 hours and he never does that. I hope he doesn't get as sick as I was. When we were both sick with C19, we had different symptoms and a couple of the same and it was a year ago this time when we were sick with that. I'm starting to not care much for March anymore. Good to have a snow day. I hope you get feeling better. My cough is somewhat better but so darn unpredictable so still no fun. At least the headache, earache and sore throat are gone. Stay warm.

  3. So glad the school was closed and you didn't have to make the school run. I must admit that on snowy days I would stalk the school closings website (way before texts lol) to see if the school was closed. I'd have to sit through most of the alphabet to get to their school!

    Hope you have a good weekend.

  4. Thanks Lyssa, that's really helpful information. I already have a Clubcard so that part is sorted. Hope you feel better soon xx