Wednesday 15 March 2023

It's Wednesday?

Bless - Bear has to be coaxed out of that black blazer sometimes, to say that he utterly rejected it before the interview! Thank you, I'm feeling better. I hope that your lovely garden gets the benefit of the rain.

Rae - You sound like you have been really poorly - I hope that you are feeling better. Sending all hugs. That snow sounds scary!

Sharon - I have never been so grateful for a closed school! And sometimes I feel at the mercy of the car's sensors!

Eileen - Thank you - I really appreciate your kind comment on the pic. I'm sure that you knew that about Tesco, but I thought I would share just in case. I know far too much about Tesco and it's sort of a claim to fame.

I'm sorry that my posts and comments are a little erratic at the moment. There's some writing stuff going on, and of course the school run which has been a little more trying than normal recently.

I took the car to the garage and they said that there was an intermittent problem with the ABS sensors. They do things with computers these days. I remember when it was a bloke with greasy hands leaning under a bonnet. They were lovely and as they didn't do anything, they didn't charge me. I plan to take in biscuits for them. Apparently the sensors for Citroen and Peugeot can be incredibly sensitive and a little twitchy. I described my car's sensors as more sensitive than a mother-in-law and the lovely man laughed. At the moment all is working well, so I am leaving well alone. When the weather calms down, I'll take her for a seriously long run which should help.

Bear did awesomely in his exams. He's getting the sort of grades that look like they're faked, so I won't share the exact details, but he has been epically brilliant. Even his English score, which is comparitively dismal, is pretty good. I am so proud of him.

I am also proud of him for how he was this morning. We had unexpected extra snow, which froze. Unlike last time, where the snow just knocked off, I had a dreadful job clearing the car. Bear was wonderful and cleared it from the windscreen when I was just about finished with the cold. He didn't complain, either, and volunteered to help out. That is the sort of thing I am desperately proud of. Mind you, today showed how the school run could be. We were late as it took around twenty minutes to get the car properly cleared and defrosted, even with the heated windows, scrapers and spray. It was frozen on and I wasn't very scientific about it. So while I left the house at 7.10am, I didn't get bear dropped off until 8am. I got back to the house around 9am, with traffic, then left the house again at 2.30, the normal time I would leave the house for pick up. To be fair to bear, he had told me that he wasn't going to be leaving school until 4pm due to some sort of thing with drama, so I took the opportunity to pick up half a dozen more sauces at 3 for 2 at Tesco. Then I settled down with my knitting and waited. And waited. And waited. Due to one thing and another, bear didn't get to the car until 5.50pm and it was well after 6pm before we got home. Please let bear get the college place that is 15 minutes on the bus!

Writing stuff - this week's instalment of Invitation Accepted Chapter Six is here.  I am having a lot of fun with it. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Well done, Bear! I'm so glad that he helped you with clearing the snow and ice from the car. As for his grades, I'm sure they were awesome. :)

  2. Ack. Cars. I understand your frustration completely. Well done, Bear!

  3. Congratulations to Bear and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the actual exams and the results he needs for his preferred college.

    Tell me he wore a warm coat while he was clearing the windscreen! xx