Tuesday 21 March 2023

Situation Normal - Absolute Chaos

Cherie - I'm hoping that I'll be able to earn some money somehow in the free time I get.

Sharon - I LOVE the idea of the trees wearing boots. I've chuckled every time I've seen them since.

Bless - thank you.

Elaine - I really didn't need the yarn, but it called to me. I was helpless to resist (lol) Pic of kit

Eileen - I'm feeling the fail a bit with the walk, but you have made me feel a little better with being consistent. I appreciate the hug.

I am appreciating bear. He is being an utter sweetie to me. On Sunday, apart from a card that is definitely bought with me in mind and not a generic one, he got me two candles of a type that he knows I like and a necklace that he knew I wanted.

Yesterday he went on a school trip to Selwyn College, Cambridge. It was to show pupils what to expect if they went to Oxford or Cambridge. This meant that we left the house at 6am for the school run. Then he was later than he expected, so we didn't get home until after 7pm. Bear was shattered, but had an amazing time. He had the chance to look around, listened to a lecture up to the standard they could expect, saw the libraries and had a meal. Bear was most impressed with the food. He said it was not only delicious but there was plenty of it. He had some sort of voucher which meant that they could have soup, followed by a main course, followed by dessert. And when they were treated to refreshments, they had a choice of tea and coffee in proper cups and saucers or proper orange juice - not squash! - in a proper glass. I think the food may have made the most impact on bear. Of course, he was exposed to young adult/adult portions and standards instead of school/kids stuff. 

Tonight he will be late for pick up because of a House Maths competition and Thursday is parents' evening. Poor kid was shattered this morning because apart from anything else, the coach journey was seven hours and bear isn't used to that travelling. Thank goodness Easter break is coming soon.

I didn't manage much of a walk over the weekend, but I had a small walk yesterday and today. I realised why my nose was stuffy.

This stuff gets me every year. 

I dropped off bear this morning, picked up some cereal from Morrisons and was disappointed to see a lack of marked down mushrooms - I'm out of them in the freezer. Then I had a brief walk, and for some reason dropped in to the Range to pick up some glue to mend my handbag, which turned out significantly less expensive than Tesco. There's a small Iceland grocery outlet inside the Range and I wandered over to see if there were any bargains - and there were! They had mushrooms marked down to half price. They had been £1, but were now 50p for 300g and Morrisons had been 99p for 250g. I bought five cartons, which I'll prep and put in the freezer later. 

Mind you, I had only planned to get a small pot of glue and had left the bags in the car so I ended up paying 79p for quite a sturdy bag, which should be shared among the cost of the mushrooms - but it is still not a bad deal. 

I am feeling fairly bewildered and overwhelmed with some writing stuff that I've been dealing with. I'll be able to share it soon, but until then I am probably going to be more erratic than normal. I apologised on my writing blog and shared one of my favourite poems. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. I like the necklace. It's very pretty and a lovely, thoughtful gift from Bear.

    You picked up some good bargains with the mushrooms in Iceland. I never think of looking there for fresh veg so I'll have to remember that.

    Hope you are able to get your writing commitments completed on time. xx

  2. Oh, that poem is wonderful! Best Wishes to all the traveling for more educational opportunities. How thoughtful of bear to give you gifts!

  3. Happy belated Mother's Day! Sounds like bear knows just what you like! :) I like that sweater kit and the color changes. I'm currently knitting something with a yarn in a color called "pansy", but, I don't think I bought enough of the yarn, so I am planning to add a vertical panel with some grey yarn that was leftover from a previous sweater (I can't carry off horizontal stripes). I am hoping it will turn out how I envision it to!
    You found a great bargain with those mushrooms!
    I really like that poem! I think I need to print it out and frame it! :D

  4. So glad Bear enjoyed his sample day and lovely to hear about the thought that went into your Mother’s Day gift. How do you prepare the mushrooms for the freezer?

  5. That poem is lovely. I'll have to write a couple just for my blog rather than selling them to the magazine. Invigilating is a nice little earner if you have a university close by.