Thursday 27 December 2018

A Christmas Almost Fail

It's a sort of fail, but sort of not.  No-one got stressed, DH was awesome and it didn't affect Christmas, but what would my life be without a little drama (wonderful, actually, it would be wonderful without drama).

Bear very much enjoyed his presents.  One of the biggest hits so far has been an inexpensive tub of silly putty.  The books were also a hit and he has played with the Ghost science kit (there is still something with gelatin in my fridge and I'll never get the slime container clean) and the model cyberman thingy that reacts to the tv remote.  I got candles and alcohol as presents.  Perhaps it's not the most sensible combination, but I'm happy with them and consider them perfect.  DH was thrilled with his gifts and all in all, it was a good result.

DH cooks Christmas dinner.  We don't do starters or anything, it's strictly meat, roast potatoes, roast parsnips, sprouts, pigs in blankets, a selection of stuffing and gravy.  Most of it is frozen and all of it more or less ready to go.  As an aside, I get frozen sprouts because they don't go off so I can stash them before the Christmas rush, they are fresher than buying raw as they are prepared so quickly and take less time to get frozen than the fresh ones take to get to the shops, there is no waste and I don't have to faff with peeling the dratted things.  Bear and DH both love sprouts but I am not a fan. 

Back to the meal.  Tesco didn't deliver the gluten free three bird roast so I got a shop from Iceland and their three bird roast was roughly three times bigger.  I wasn't bothered, as I love left overs, but when we put it in the oven, the cooker blew a fuse and all the lights went off.  We could finish it off in the combi microwave, but I suspect that the microwave is losing power on the conventional part of the cooking, and it just wasn't working.  We ended ditching the roast and just having massively overfilled plates instead of ginormously overfilled plates.  It was all good, especially with the gluten free Christmas pudding afterwards.   

As an aside, we are the only people I know that don't do the whole 'prawn cocktail' or starter for Christmas dinner.  We don't have enough appetite for it.  I hope bear doesn't miss out with this.  I worry that we are sometimes less conventional than is helpful for him, but we don't have room for another mouthful! 

We managed to get the lights on eventually and we had a great time.  For the last few days we have watched films, hung out together, relaxed and enjoyed ourselves.  It's been great.  DH has worked today and tomorrow, but then he has a week off and it's a chance to celebrate bear's birthday, hang out and just enjoy being around each other. 

I've been setting up my goals for 2019, with the help of OWS, the writing people.  I think I need to prioritise the re-wiring. 

Sending hugs, good vibes, good wishes and hugs to all.  I hope you had an awesome holiday. 


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