Sunday 9 December 2018

Random is as Random Does

It's been one of those days.  I sort of wandered around the research on YouTube about Norse and Anglo Saxon beliefs.  There's some excellent, hardcore academic stuff there, if you look and avoid some of the more fringe ideas.  I dip into the videos from Yale, University College London, Harvard, and a dozen more and I also enjoy the YouTube channel The Study of Antiquity and the Middle Ages and I'm working my way through the Celtic playlist.  YouTube being YouTube, you can get excellent suggestions as well as some oddities thrown up which is why I found myself wandering from the legend of Weyland Smith, to a very Catholic YouTube channel's take on the superstition of the Wild Hunt to this excellent Johnny Cash version of Ghost Riders in the Sky which I had never heard before. 

I've also been knitting up some of the Yak yarn (okay, 25% Yak, 50% wool, 25% mercerised velvet, whatever that is) and it's very chunky.  I'm knitting it up on 7mm needles (US 2) and that's about right.  I promised my awesome driving instructor a scarf from it.  I'm just using broken rib, and it's working up quickly, if a little itchy on my fingers. 

Bear has an issue where his adult teeth aren't coming through as quickly as they should, which means that a wobbly tooth has been a full on issue for around a month, with it much worse this last week.  It is finally out, which is a huge relief for everyone, especially bear who has been quite genuinely suffering.  This means I can cancel the dental appointment that I had lined up to have it taken out.  Unfortunately one of my teeth broke.  I needed an emergency dental appointment and, as I have dental phobia, had hysterics in the dentist chair before they even touched me and now am falling apart.  I think I will watch a film and knit a little more before an early night. 

Writing stuff - It's Day 9 of the 12 Days of Indie and I even get a mention.  It's a selection of ebooks that are on sale until the 12th December, and today there are some awesome offerings including Steampunk, modern supernatural and thriller.  I am definitely planning on dipping into the Clear Angel book. 

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