Tuesday 11 December 2018


I really do not do well with dentists and today has been incredibly traumatic because I had to speak to one.  I am mortified at myself, but it is what it is. 

I rang the dentist and they said I actually had to turn up to register.  It's in Morley, and I've never been to Morley so I thought I would take a taxi there, find out where it was and get buses back as a lot of buses go through Morley.  The registration was lovely with a very tolerant receptionist, but then I had to find a bus stop. 

I wandered around for a while, turned a corner and found myself facing a Morrisons supermarket and a charity shop.  I called into the charity shop, bought a very inexpensive book for bear and asked for directions to a bus stop.  The gentleman was very kind, but he knew where he was going and I didn't so I just had to hope that I understood the direction he had been pointing.  I left the charity shop and suddenly the mist had come down!  It was genuinely that quick.  It had been clear when I went in, but a few minutes later it was like a scene out of The Fog and was not happy.  I couldn't even see where the Town Hall was supposed to be, but I wandered vaguely downhill and found the bus stop.  The little I saw through the mist looked very promising and I shall have to have a proper look later - possibly on Thursday as that's when they put me in for an actual encounter with an actual dentist. 

I came back through Leeds centre, and I can't work out why or how I managed to walk past a stall in the market that sells knitting yarn.  I really need to get out more.  I picked up 600g of yarn, a pattern and two pairs of unnecessary needles for less than £10 and while the yarn was completely 100% polyester and nothing fancy, it's a lovely shade of a silvery sage green and will wash a lot easier than wool. 

I was glad to get the bus home as the mist was quite thick.  I would have definitely considered it fog light weather if I had been driving and didn't envy the learner who was in charge of the bus under supervision.  Unfortunately bear got a lift home, so not only was he before me, but he also managed to forget his keys so he was locked out until I got in.  I made it up to him by showing him loads of videos of Queen and David Bowie. 

Writing stuff - Today is Day 11 of the 12 Days of Indie, and tomorrow I am going to go back, check out the books and buy a shedload, because tomorrow is the last day the sale prices are guaranteed.  Today there are crime stories, paranormal and time travel stories and a box set of 20 stories for $1.99 (may vary by region). 

I am not going to start yet another project, honest.  Instead I am going to collapse into bed!  I am shattered. 

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