Monday 10 December 2018

Reverse Advent Box

I've got some stuff I'm donating tomorrow for the food bank in the run up to Christmas, like a lot of people are planning.  Tonight bear got into the act.  I started by asking him if there were any letters for me or if he had broken or lost anything.  I got an eye roll but he can get used to that sort of question after the performance last Friday.  Then he said, 'but there's something about a reverse advent?  I'm not sure.' 
'Is it for a food bank?' I asked
'Yeah, that's it.' Bear was paying more attention to the computer.
'Do you have to bring something in every day?' I asked.
'No, just a tin of tomatoes or something.' 
'When do you need it for?' I had a delivery which included a load of foodbank items coming tomorrow.
'Before the Carol Concert.'
'When's that?'
'Not sure.'
'And how much do you need to bring?'
'It's just a box.'
'What? Do I need to carry a box of stuff in with you?' I really didn't want to carry a box of tinned tomatoes on the bus, surrounded by school kids.
'No, the box is for the class?'
At this point I felt like one of those confused Labradors that keep tilting their heads when faced with strange information or a cat.  'So what is this box?'
Bear explained very slowly and patiently that they had a box in the classroom and everyone had to put something in it, like a tin of tomatoes.  I was getting the feeling that bear really wanted to get those tinned tomatoes out of the door.  He doesn't like pasta sauces that I make with those tomatoes.  Tomorrow he will be taking in a dratted tin of dratted tomatoes.  Bear was baffled that I was confused by this, but I still don't know when the Carol Concert is.  Later on bear is going to doing cookery classes under whatever label they use these days.  I was devastated to find that they don't do a scheme where the kids pay in so much a month and all the ingredients are provided.  I just know that bear will be complaining bitterly that there's no powdered mandrake with unicorn horn shavings in the house and he needs them tomorrow and what sort of housewife am I to run out of such a basic. 

Writing stuff - it's getting near to the end of the 12 Days of Indie at Day 10, so getting close to the end of some of these awesome prices.  There is sci fi, fantasy and horror and an anthology of fairy tales.  Check it out if you're interested. 

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