Thursday 20 December 2018

Yak Yarn

I finished the scarf I decided to knit for my awesome Driving Instructor.  It's a poor photo, but I've already given the scarf to him, so I can't take another one.

It's actually around six to eight inches across, around five to six feet long and very cosy.  The yarn is probably chunky, and I knitted it in broken rib on 7mm needles and I think it was about right, though perhaps I could have gone up a size.  I got it from at a very reasonable price (plus shipping) and I suppose I would get it again, if I was feeling generous (especially as the shipping is quite steep), but it did have what looked like fragments of baling twine within it.  I hope my instructor is okay with washing it carefully, because I think it would drop if it was hung up. 

I wish I hadn't checked up on Wish.  They have yarn with mink in it.  They have mohair and cashmere yarns.  They have cotton and some beautifully coloured acrylic yarn.  I need to step away from the buying part. 

My driving lesson went fine today, with no casualties.  We just went for a drive around.  I went on roads I had never used before, and I was fine.  It was a strange day, as I needed my sunglasses at one point, at another point there was heavy rain and it was getting dark by the time I was dropped off at Aldi.  My awesome instructor even talked me through reversing into a parking spot (which I found nerve wracking).

I'm so tired, so I think a few rows of knitting and then I'll be ready for bed.  Hugs to all. 

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