Saturday 8 December 2018

Some People are Strange!

I believe that everyone has their little ways.  Some ways are smaller than others, but everyone has their own preferences and beliefs.  For example, my late great-grandfather used to taste every medicine that came into the house.  If it didn't taste disgusting, he would pour it away as only medicines that tasted foul worked, or so he said.  I've mentioned the late great-uncle who insisted on V-necked sweaters but wore them backwards, and father always insisted he got a particular paper and he did the crossword in it.  Everyone has their own quirks and it makes the world go round.

Then there are those people on Facebook who worry me.  I have a Facebook profile as an author (it's as Lyssa Medana, if you are interested), and mostly it's sharing things about cats or sometimes jokes, comments on driving lessons and chatting.  I don't refuse Facebook requests as it may be that they have read a book of mine and are under the impression that my Facebook ought to be interesting.  I have just under 2,300 'friends' on there, and I've met four of them in real life.  It isn't my real life friends and family, but I try to be pleasant to the people I meet on there (many of whom are utterly awesome, and I consider absolutely genuinely good friends even if we have never been in the same room or even the same continent).

My profile picture is of a book cover and my bio talks about being a wife and mother.  It therefore worries me how many times I get 'Hey, sexy' messages.  I can't ignore Messenger, because I get useful messages of real friends and about work, but I also get obscene pics and some disturbing suggestions.  I enjoy getting the scam messages, though.  I can have a lot of fun with them, and I really ought to start taking screen shots as I get as creative as I can leading the scammers as daft a dance as I can manage.  Some of the ones in the last few days have been very unpleasant, though, and I've had to block them after feeling quite shaken.  So if you message me and I reply cautiously, I apologise, but it's bitter experience. 

Writing stuff - It's Day 8 of the 12 Days of Indie, where great books are on sale.  There are some great choices today, from romances and thrillers to real life murder mysteries. 


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