Thursday 6 December 2018


Today the highlight of the driving lesson was not hitting a squirrel.  It was dithering about in the road like it couldn't remember whether it had locked the door.  Fortunately no-one was behind me, so I could stop without risk.  I would hate to have to chose between an accident and fur walled tyres.

Today was a good day.  If I had taken my test today there would have been a very good chance of me passing.  Yesterday I was abysmal (but without casualties), but today was good. 

I was hit by the O2 outage so it was a nightmare trying to pick up bear from his climbing.  Then we had horrific French homework where he told me that he didn't know what some words were because they had never been told and he had been instructed to use an online translation programme.  I didn't say what I thought about that, and I'm very proud of myself.  It also appears that he hasn't learned about French verbs, irregular or otherwise and the whole thing was extremely traumatic for both of us as I struggled to remember the French I last used in 1984.  Okay, I've read a very very little since, and I keep meaning to take a refresher so that I can dip into some of the French Medieval scholarship, but I think I may need it for my sanity. 

Writing stuff - today is Day Six of the 12 Days of Indie and there are some truly beautiful selections of poetry, all at reduced prices.  I'm planning on indulging but at the moment all I can think of is gear changes and junctions. 


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