Wednesday 5 December 2018

Home Made Soup

It isn't very home made.  It's slightly better than opening a can, which is something, but it was all about convenience.  Morrisons sell a pack of pre-chopped veg for £1, which to me means no waste and no worry about half a bag of carrots shrivelling in the fridge, and it's labelled as a 'veg soup kit'.  It isn't brilliant.  It's a mix of winter vegetables and the instructions to boil them with a stock cube until squishy and then blitz them with a hand blender.  Instead I softened them in oil with a good dollop of garlic, added plenty of stock powder, some lentils and simmered until the veggies were soft.  I blitzed it and it easily served three of us.  We served it with wholemeal bread and it worked out.  I suppose that it served three of us well for around £1.50.  My driving test is on Friday.  I'm determined that I'm going to get a little more creative and sensible with cooking after then. 

Today's lesson was long and traumatic.  I got soooo much wrong.  As I said at the end of the lesson, I'm a better driver than I showed today.  I feel somewhat down about it all. 

Writing stuff - I think part of what is going wrong is that I haven't actually been writing.  Writing is like a fuel, so after I finish this I'm going to settle down and get cracking.  Who knows, I may start living up to those on 12 Days of Indie, which today has some awesome books at very good prices!  There is a Dark Fantasy, a Young Adult story, a Romance, a modern day tale of discovery and even a tale of eldritch horror!  When I get two brain cells lined up, I'm going to go back and start buying! 

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