Saturday 29 December 2018

Looking forward to a New Year

Cherie - to be fair, bear is taking to knitting like a duck to astrophysics.  He is enjoying it, however, and that is what matters. 

And I am glad that we are not the only ones that don't have starters for Christmas dinner, thank you all that have shared that you are the same.  I've been hiding from the lifestyle magazines that have the 'inspirational' menus and I can't be bothered.  We eat a lot of good food that we like and relax. 

I've managed to knock my bedroom door off its hinge. 

A mop handle fell into the door jamb as I was closing it (I had another go at the bathroom walls) and the entire hinge came out.  It's such a dull way to break a door.  I shall have to make something up. 

I spent a few hours last night wrapping up birthday presents for bear.  He has been very clear, he wants lots of little gifts and it's the unwrapping that's the fun bit.  So I have wrapped pencils, lots of books, a science of survival kit that I picked up extremely inexpensively from the supermarket and, as he is now in High School, a Lynx gift set.  I went through swathes of wrapping paper and tape and came a clear second.  I fail at wrapping stuff, especially with the springy, shiny paper.  I've still got a few rolls of the really good stuff I picked up incredibly inexpensively after Christmas some years back.  The pile of fifty rolls I had stashed in 2015 is now a shadow of itself, but I don't really need to pick up more this year.  I had a look a few days ago when I called into Matalan and nothing tempted me.  I'm also considering switching to using the brown packing paper that comes with an Amazon parcel.  It's effectively free, and the brown paper can be recycled and the fancy wrapping paper can't.  However the main pull is that it's less likely to fight back and I may finally be able to make a decent corner.

Then the first instalment of my subscribe and save order from Amazon turned up.  It's ten bottles of Amazon brand washing up liquid at a very reasonable price.  During the last few yards of the journey, however, the lids on two of the bottles came loose.  I only lost around two inches of washing up liquid, but do you know how slippery two inches of dish soap can be?  It took me twenty minutes just to rinse the soap off the bottles, dropping them and splashing water and soap everywhere, so I could actually pick them up safely and then I had to change my top.  I made a bad choice.  It's a loose top and a windy day so now the traumatised Tesco delivery driver can give a description of my bra. 

But it's the New Year soon, and I'm planning on working to make things better.  Also, Liverpool beat Arsenal 5-1, which has cheered me up.  Hugs to all. 


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