Saturday 16 January 2021

Nearly Drove on Snow

DH has had to go away so bear and I planned an easy day. It started with us hanging out on our computers together and it's carrying on in the same way. However we really wanted treats for dinner, and I decided now was as good a time as any to get close to snow. The roads seemed quite clear, but probably not too busy, and I could pick up the groceries for the next few days as I've got a Tesco delivery for 20th (day before the publication of the next book). 

Sharon - it's weird at the moment. The snow has sort of frozen in place but it's crunchy and not so slippery. I had a pair of those things you wear on shoes at one point. I shall have to dig them out. 

Fifitr - I think I'll see about getting a Delifresh delivery next. They are pretty good and easy to deal with. I'm also thinking of Co-op deliveries, as they are delivering in this area and possibly undersubscribed. I'll share any results. I think that we all have heard the laurels cracking, and I don't know how much they can recover. They've squashed the fence, though.

Before I even thought about driving, I had to get out. The trees were still incredibly low and blocked that side of the road even without the snow.

So bear and I, with the help of awesome neighbour next door but one, had a hack at the bushes.

I hope you can see the chunk we hacked off. Bear thought it was amazing as he got to use the saw. Give a man a tool and a target and, for my family, they are in heaven. I got through fine but I'm going to do the ones opposite us when the weather is clearer as they scraped loudly over the roof of my car. It has got to the stage where I am seriously concerned that they will come down on the cars, if not the houses. 

The rosemary that was squashed yesterday seems to be rebounding as well, so I hope it recovers.

It was okay on the roads. There were a few moments when I felt the wheel tugging away from my hands, but nothing major. I stuck to the main roads and took my time. Next time it is like this, I'll probably stay at home. However if I have to go out in snow, I think I'm a little more prepared. The worst part was Tesco car park which was not only packed, but ungritted. 

Bear is having fun colouring. It's a really healthy past time so I'm encouraging it. He's been putting the pencils in colour order, and, as he has a few issues seeing colours, I have spent most of the afternoon telling him if something is red, brown or purple. I have also been dipping into an incredibly tempting YouTube channel. Please send vibes to stay strong as I cannot afford the money, time or space to get caught up in sewing. I just find it so relaxing watching though. It is a channel making tiny things from scraps with incredibly relaxing music. 

There's lots of hand sewing with tiny stitches and embroidery and I find it soooooooo tempting. I don't really have the skill to try it, but I am kidding myself I could get better with practice. I'll set myself a promise of when I've got through most of my knitting, then I can perhaps dabble in these. Until then, I can listen to the music. 

Writing stuff - five more days until Under the Bright Saharan Sky comes out.

Hugs and good health to all. 

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  1. Thank you for the link to the video! I just finished a knitting project. I can see a bit of sewing with scraps in my future!