Thursday 15 September 2022


Bless - the trip was through the World Challenge programme. This year I think that they went to Morocco, and I know that they went to Iceland in 2015. It seems like the aim is to give students something of a culture shock, and immerse them in the unfamiliar.

Eileen - I agree. And while there is an element of students signing up to things that will look good on university applications, I would rather bear found his own passions. It's his life and it's up to him to live it. 

I have been grumbling about the shrug pattern, and the yarn, and the fact that they don't actually work, and that I would wait and that I had a gazillion and four projects on the go anyway. Look what was waiting for me when I popped into Aldi for some bits first thing this morning.

I swear I could hear sniggering - it was a complete ambush. And look how much will power I didn't have.

But I was determined that I wouldn't start anything until I had at least finished the curtain. Here is a pic of my lack of determination.

It may be 171 stitches, but I had ages to wait for bear as he stayed on after school for drama (he asked permission and let me know which is amazing for a teenager). The yarn looks nice, but a little like it was designed by an art student.

I fail at finishing one thing before I start the next.

I went past the Marks & Spencer Food Hall at Birstall on the way home from drop off and popped in. Next time I will park in the nearby car park and walk as their carpark is not only tiny but awkward. I thought I would have a rummage around their food to see what the prices looked like. If they aren't much more than Tesco or Aldi then it may be worth getting the fresh stuff from there and saving waste. As I went in, there were not just mushrooms but marked down mushrooms. 39p instead of 89p isn't bad, and 89p isn't bad for 250g of mushrooms. 

I just had a quick look at Tesco, and their large flat mushrooms are £1 for 250g, or 80p clubcard. I bought four packs which are now chopped and stashed in the freezer. I ate junk today, but the idea is that I can soften perhaps a small spoonful of the frozen mushrooms and onions and have with peas and pasta with some pesto stirred through and an egg as a main meal. It saves a lot of waste.

Some of the stuff wasn't much off the prices of Tesco, I think. Some of it seemed a lot, but then all the prices seem a lot these days. I am going to have to sort out a price book. I keep saying that, but I find myself looking at prices and thinking that they are far too dear when actually they aren't a bad bargain. Prices are going up so much.

I could definitely be more productive, but I'm still using the folder with a calendar. It helped me to plan my time at the garage, as one of the sidelights isn't working, and I don't want to go into winter without good lights.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Too funny about the yarn! You are not alone in not finishing one project before starting on another! I have at least 3 other quilts in progress and then, I started my current one! :D
    Our grocery prices are going up so much that a price book is almost useless! But, knowing the prices do help with spotting a bargain. :)

  2. I’ve got serious needle envy. It’s all I ever knit on. ❤️