Sunday 4 September 2022

Tiny Steps in Circles

Cherie - our meters aren't too bad to read in one sense. But the gas one is set so far down that you could do with lying on your tummy and the electric one is in a really high cupboard. I guess those are my stretches for the day lol.

Bless - I think a timer may happen, but at the moment I'm switching between tasks, sort of, with the occasional diversion into browsing. 

Rae - that is so helpful, thank you! I'm working out the best way to approach things, and you are right that the long lists are intimidating. I'm just starting on small corners and not even looking beyond that at the moment. Good luck with the drive.

Helen - seeing those small, achievable goals are really helping. 

Eileen - I am sometimes upset that bear never got into comics. I would have loved to have read them - after him of course!

Hazel - my family had their own little ways, like most people. With us, we saw the stories and re-told them. I hope bear will be able to have the same share of stories to fall back on. They are hugs when you remember them. I always take pics of the meter readings - the gas meter is so low and the electric so high that reaching with a phone to take a pic is the easiest way to see it.

I swear that I have a syndrome. If I decide to do something, I seem to instantly do something else. Yesterday I had a neat list of what I wanted to do next, in order. This morning I thought about how I needed to empty the freezer and I could make a dent with a casserole which meant cooking rice and DH only likes rice from a rice cooker, bear won't eat microwave rice (understandably) and the rice cooker was in the kitchen behind a pile of stuff.

So I rejigged the list and the boiler repair man is coming tomorrow to fix the boiler so if I get the kitchen clear then it will be better so I thought I should start there. And I did some stuff but then I ran into a problem that some of the stuff in the kitchen really needs to go into the walk in cupboard which is not only full to overflowing with stuff but also incredibly badly organised. So I should at least sort that before I do anything else. Sigh. I'm rejigging the list again after posting this.

However, I've done some bits, made some decisions, and things are a little further forward. This is how I find out how I need to organise my thoughts and work. And I've started mapping out the short stories I post on my writer blog for September, which is more organised than I ever am. It could be a lot worse.

Tomorrow I have the boiler man (who is awesome and not connected to the farcical bathroom) and then I will be taking bear to top up on stationery. I may pick up one or two bits myself. Apart from all the stuff that I don't need, I could do with some dividers for ringbinders. I want to organise info on my writing as well as splitting stuff up about the house. 

A cautionary tale - when I was last in Tesco, they had a stack of refill paper, on sale, on clearance, 80p for 50 sheets. But further away there was a pad with 300 sheets at a regular price of £2.50. 300 sheets of the clearance pads would have cost 6 x 80p = £4.80. If you barely use it, then the 80p would have been the perfect price. As it is, I can see my lists taking over - and using a computer/phone/app/word doc just doesn't seem to work for me. The physical act of writing helps me to focus. The clearance pads had prettier cover sheets, but that wasn't important to me. At the moment I need reams of the stuff. 

I could probably do with picking up some more pens as well. We have a stack of green biros, but they don't work for me. I'll see what they have in Tesco. I hope that we're not too late and that bear can get all of his stuff. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Welcome to my world where I plan to do something, then decide I need to do something else first, and find I really should do X before I can do the other thing and before I know it, several hours have gone and I have piles of stuff all over the place and I have not accomplished half the things I wanted to do! For me, it is a form of procrastination - I have to constantly remind myself to get back to what it was that I had planned to do. I do hope that you were able to get to your rice cooker and made that casserole. :) Enjoy your shopping trip, tomorrow. :)

  2. Little bits soon add up and you can start to see the difference your efforts are making. I often tackle 'problems' in that way as I usually feel completely defeated at the start and just have to discipline myself to keep going. Sending positive vibes your way ... you can do it!

  3. I tried making lists but then panicked and they over whelmed me. I also have to factor in if I’m looking after my own dog only or both my own and my mother’s. They each have their own neurosis’s (not sure if that is the right spelling). Anyway I can’t use the vax if my mother’s dog is over as she becomes all needy and I can’t do anything which means ignoring my own dog for a while as she gets separation anxiety. They’re twin sisters too but so different. Lol. X