Saturday 17 September 2022


Cherie - The way Tesco are working things is sneaky. They are effectively 'paying' for information on shopping habits by giving lower prices. The £7.99 I pay for Clubcard Extra (with the two lots of 10% off a shop each month and extra 10% of F&F clothing, Fox & Ivy stuff etc) is a way of getting people to commit to Tesco. After all, it makes sense to do the majority of your shopping in two big shops in Tesco if you are paying £7.99 per month. At the moment, they are the cheapest for me for a lot of things that I can't get at Aldi, so I'm keeping it, but I'm trying to keep a weather eye on the other stores as well.

Bless - thank you. Bear seems to be getting very good at relaxing. He has so much homework, though! When it comes to shopping, it seems so finely judged sometimes, and I feel that you need to be a military strategist to find the best way to do things. I think that it's really important that you protect yourself and look after your health. 

Eileen - I checked and I wasn't charged. I wonder if there is a poor person who was relying on those prawns for a special occasion. I know that the driver really didn't want to take them back, so I got them for free. I am not as grateful as I should be.

Today was nice and quiet. It's been very relaxing, and it felt good to just hang out together. I was reading a book on the kindle app on my laptop while knitting. DH was listening to podcasts and bear was playing a computer game - a train driver simulator, of all things. I think that we all feel a little better for it. 

Because it's the weekend and we are all hanging out, I got out one of the 'good' candles that I got inexpensively from Homesense. It's only after I lit it that I considered the safety of a candle with three wicks in a wooden bowl. It's got some really good flames on it as well. I don't know if it shows up properly (please ignore evidence of slack housekeeping).

The thing about Homesense candles is that they are knock down prices because they are unwanted end of lines or over stock from the bigger stores. You can't guarantee that you'll get a particular type, you just see what's there. You can sometimes get some serious bargains, though, and you get a better quality that you do for the price. The scent has been disappointing, but the flames have been lovely and vivid and we are absolutely keeping the wooden bowl - if it doesn't get burned!

I had a Morrisons delivery today. It came late, so that I could get a cheap delivery price. I had a voucher for money off if I bought some frozen stuff and they have a particular type of gluten free frozen breaded chicken that I like. I didn't get much else, apart from a small sack of potatoes that will be quickly used up. The freezer is pretty full at the moment, but I suspect that won't last. As it is, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I don't need much for a week or two.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Beautiful candle and I didn't see any evidence of slack housekeeping! I'm glad you and your family are having a nice, relaxed day. Hope the rest of the weekend is as restful.

  2. Glad you had a quiet day. I love a nice candle. Somehow it gives me comfort.

  3. Your day hanging out together sounds perfect and I especially like that you all felt a little better for spending that time together. Take care x