Wednesday 7 September 2022

New Term

Deborah - I feel for you. At one point I had lists of lists. Now I'm starting to pick one thing and break it down into micro tasks. It sounds really hard with the dogs. Please pass on cuddles to both. I may believe in treating animals as animals, but every pet I have ever come across had their own distinct personality and their own view of the world, just like people. I feel you have to make at least some allowance, just like you have to do for people. 

Bless - I think I found out early on that people are people and have good and bad in them. I don't want to sound like a saint, though. We had some storming rows! I'm donating to food banks in memory of people instead of paying for flowers in church now. I've also donated when people in another country move house and instead of a house warming, I donate food. It feels like little enough.

Sharon - I want allllll the stationery. I don't do scrapbooking, but I've picked up pretty paper and washi tape before now. I can't be trusted at a display of pens. Mum was interesting. She had sixty thousand postcards when she died, all sorted by continent, country, county/department/canton/state, town and even district. Meal planning is a work in progress, but I'm getting a little better. Today I had falafel for lunch and I'm thinking of fish fingers with mushy peas for dinner, all of which are easily cooked, quickly prepared (as ready made) and relatively healthy. I think I will be using my freezer a lot!

Kate - fuchsia jam may be great but the sparrows are beating me to the berries and, besides, I can't be trusted with boiling sugar.

Wherethejourneytakesme - sending so many hugs. And it's not you. I read your blog, and your comments and I am struck again and again at your awesomeness. 

Eileen - Thank you for that amazing hug.

To all - that fuchsia is a thug, but a pretty one, and I suspect that it's supporting a lot of wildlife in its quiet way as there are always a lot of bees and the sparrows have made it a regular stop. I don't know what else is lurking in there. 

Today was bear's first day back at school for his GCSE year. For those not used to the English system - it's big. It's really, really big. It's the exams at the end of the year that determine what he can study after that, and can even affect university offers. If they don't go on to further study, it can have a massive impact on the jobs that they go for. Bear has some good predictions, and is taking it seriously. It's a big, big, big deal, though. 

I dropped bear off to meet his friend in good time with all his kit and correct uniform. Then I went for a very short walk, but I remembered to take pics.

One of the three trees has decided that it's autumn.

I loved how mossy this tree was. I may use it for the photo challenge.

And I thought this was a good pic of the structure in the lake. I don't think I have seen it properly from this angle before.

I also didn't realise that there were fish in there! I don't know if you can tell but it looked like a massive koi and a smaller trout like fish. I don't know how healthy the fish are. The water is like soup and not in a good way. 

The flower beds in the park are still lovely.

Bear came home with news of a school trip to Vietnam. This is a little further than I was expecting. I had breathed a sigh of relief when the History field trip was a day out to a college ten miles away to see a Holocaust exhibition instead of a trip to Berlin. However this is something that they do in sixth form. They talked a lot about things like leadership and being student led. Cost has not yet been mentioned, but, if it's in 2024, they are giving us a lot of time to save up. This is not reassuring. 

I didn't get huge amounts done today, but I got some bits and I consulted with my lists which helped. I've also booked a trip to see the Canterville Ghost at the Carriageworks at Leeds, and marked the date down. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Beautiful photos! I especially liked the mossy tree.
    Sounds like Bear had a good first day of school. :) Is GCSE the equivalent of O-levels? We had to do O-levels in Sri Lanka when I was going to school and if you passed them, then, you went on to do A-levels, which were required for university. I know Bear will do just fine.
    As for school trips...when my daughter was in high school, the school organized a trip to London over winter break, I think. I didn't allow her to go! She was fine with that decision. But, if it had been a trip to Tokyo, then, I think I might have had a fight on my hands! LOL. It's the one place in the world that she wants to visit. :)

  2. Both of my daughters love travelling but the eldest especially has the travel bug. Her first time on a plane at age 21 she flew by herself and went all the way to Hawaii - 3 flights lasting 21 hours. Thankfully she met her boyfriend out there who was doing conservation work. From that point on there was no stopping her and she travelled around the world followed by four years of working on the Greek Islands and living in a tent looking after turtles in the summer and then went to live and work on her own in Athens for 9 months. At the same time as being so proud of her confidence (probably not from my genes!) I worried so much for her - I know what you must be feeling about Vietnam! Bear will do brilliantly both on the school trips and with his GCSE exams. sending hugs x

  3. Thank you for your kind words Lyssa. I’ve had another day of “if something can go wrong it will”. I was determined to work out why I had a constant puddle of water on my kitchen floor under the freezer part of the fridge freezer. After pulling it out and pouring water through the drain hole in the fridge, I could see that the pipe at the back had detached. Unfortunately this was behind the panel which gets hot so I had to take that partly off and sort of stick my arm through to reattach pipe helped along by a dollop of No More Nails and tape. And of course you can never find the right screw driver or spanner for the job. I can’t leave it to my hubby. He has no interest in home repairs. Afterwards the whole house looked like a bomb had hit and then my Tesco delivery arrived and it was the stuff I thought I was ordering next week instead on this week. So you see you’re not the only one who struggles on house related matters. Back to the drawing board…..Your fuschia is awesome btw. Xx

  4. Nice photos. I think I'm heading over to your house to eat lol. You're doing better than me. I ate far too much junk today. Part of the problem is that I don't eat before going out and if I do stuff after my walk before coming home I don't eat until noon and then I'm really hungry and end up eating whatever I can lay my hands on lol.

    Your Mum had a lot of postcards. I thought sorting through Jane's is bad enough!

    Vietnam. Wow. You'd better start saving lol. Do they do fundraising to help with the costs?

  5. Good luck to Bear as he starts his GCSE year. I hope he can improve on his English result from last term because, as you say, it is so important. Was he happy about going back or did he want more holiday time?