Thursday 22 September 2022

Unexpected School Event

Col - I'm absolutely looking at that site! I don't bother with washing powder for stuff that isn't really too dirty, just some white vinegar for softener. It comes out just fine. My cloths are a random assorted of microfibre, cotton, knitted and unknown. I have a poly cotton nightie that is so ragged that it's next step is dusters. An egg sounds like it's a win for the environment and my pocket. 

Sharon - thank you, and so far so good.

Bless - thank you, you are really kind.

I had another bad night, so was less than thrilled at getting a text from bear just after I dropped him off. He asked whether I was going to the Parents Information Evening that night. My instinctive reaction was - what Parents Information Evening? It was just before I called into Aldi, and I got so flustered trying to work out logistics that I bought yarn and forgot icecream! You see, bear had late drama tonight, which finished at roughly the time the Parents Evening started, and the buses at that time are sparse and complicated. So as soon as DH had finished work, we drove off, met with bear, gave him money for snacks, went into the meeting with all the other parents, listened to 'Death by Powerpoint', made notes, got out, picked up bear and went home. 

I didn't get too much done apart from a little writing. I managed a walk, though, and took a few pictures, including what looked like a very inadequate fuschia compared to mine.

In comparison, the most recent pic of my plant thug.

It hasn't got smaller. 

Now I am going to crawl off to bed with a view to pulling myself together tomorrow.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Wow - it is still doing so well. Glad you were able to make the parent night. Was it a last minute thing or did Bear forget to tell you?

  2. Yarn is better for your waistline than ice cream! :D
    At least bear called and reminded you of the parents' meeting in time for you and your husband to attend it! Hope you have a better night's sleep, tonight.
    And I love your fuchsia plant! :D