Monday 5 September 2022

Creeping Forward

Bless - the way that my planning escapes and ricochets around like a badly made firework is a constant source of bemusement.

Yesterday's food is a good example of what happens when I try to plan. Bear didn't want to eat with us. Bear preferred to eat other stuff that I had got in for lunches (which, to be fair, needed using up), except that he didn't get downstairs until way after lunch so he was eating two meals in one. This meant that I ended up cooking just for me and DH and what with one thing and another it ended up with pasta. It was the same today. I never know how many  I'll be cooking for. I shouldn't give in to bear so much, but I'm a little fussed. Until recently he was a bottomless pit. Currently he's picking at his food. I've always tried to let him judge what food he needs, but I'll confess to being a little worried. Still, I'm sure that he'll make it up on the run up to his next growth spurt. I think he's got a few more inches height left in him.

The point remains - I didn't get out the rice cooker, I used up some stuff from the freezer, but not the stuff I had planned, and I feel completely out of the loop with it all. Tomorrow I know that I'll make DH's pasta bake, which only he eats and which lasts him three days. I will be working out what on earth to make for bear and I, but I think it's going to have to include rice as I forgot to get potatoes and bear isn't keen on pasta, except when he is. Or bear may get lunch from the chippy or sandwich shop (as the last day of the holiday) and then fill up so much at lunch that he'll not be bothered for dinner and I'll be wondering again what to do for myself. 

I haven't got much housewifery done today, but I took bear to get his stationery. I may or may not have picked up a few things myself. I admit nothing. Bear picked up pens, a ruler, paper, notebooks, a folder, and all the protractor type things that they seem to need. I got him a lovely brass set one year, but he lost it, so I haven't bothered after that. Even without the dividers and project notebooks I picked up, it still cost a few quid. I wouldn't mind, but we went to Tesco, which isn't the dearest place for stationery. At one point I thought that we would end up in some of the more expensive shops and I was really worried. I may have spent over £20 on the stationery but at least this way I got the clubcard points. 

I also spent out on the boiler repair. We had a leaking air lock, and that got fixed today. But at least that's another thing off the list. 

Writing stuff - I've got quite a bit of writing done as well, so that is something. Today's instalment of Under Dark Hills is here. As I forgot to take a pic of anything today, here's the pic I used for the writing.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Yes, it's hard to plan meals when you have to take different meal preferences into account and don't know how many will be sitting down to the meal. Do you have a list of meals you can make when it is for yourself, only?

  2. Reading your problems with meals and meal planning makes me realise how fortunate I am to only have to consider myself. I don't envy you on this one and good luck in trying to get it sorted!

  3. Your meal planning sounds like mine. I rarely eat what the guys in the house do so usually I end up eating junk. It isn't good for me and I know I need to do better. I am hoping that, when the weather cools down a bit, I won't mind turning on the oven so much.

    Your paragraph about the stationary made me laugh out loud. I have a stationary addiction. Sigh.