Wednesday 14 September 2022


Deborah - thank you! It's hard to believe that was five years ago - I'll have to get him to model it again. He's grown about 12 inches since!

Bless - that kitty definitely ruled the small courtyard of shops. The owner there didn't actually own the cat, but was still trained to give treats on demand!

Cherie - I love Skipton, and need to go there more often. The charity shops are really good there. There were a load of bargains if they were what you were looking for.

Eileen - There are a lot of shops in Skipton like that. I could have spent a fortune, and I'm not sure how I resisted. If you are ever in the area, the castle is also pretty good.

Today I managed a small walk. I took some pics for the scavenger hunt and I noticed that the flag was, of course, still flying at half mast.

Today wasn't terribly productive, but I did consult the lists and I used them to get the little I managed finished.

Today we had the zoom call about the trip to Vietnam. Bear was very thoughtful at the end. He wasn't bothered about travelling to the other side of the world with foreign languages, visa requirements and requirements for innoculations. Nor was he put off by the insistence that he should earn the money by working and fundraising, nor the hike through forests and jungles or the work helping in the village. However, as a complete introvert, he was not sure about spending fourteen days in close proximity to twenty other people. It looks like he won't be going. 

I'm not exactly disappointed, but I'll be encouraging him to get involved with other things that perhaps suit his introvert nature a little more. The Vietnam trip may not be for him, but it won't hurt him to push himself a little.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. It will be very difficult for an introvert to be to be surrounded by people for any length of time; I'm glad that you are not pushing him into going on the tour. I wonder why the school selected Vietnam for its trip?

  2. Life has its own way of presenting opportunities. The Vietnam trip may not have suited Bear, and better to realise that now rather than later, but I'm a great believer that the right thing will appear before too long.