Tuesday 20 September 2022

I Can't Put That in the Title

Bless - It's all very odd how comments are ending up in strange places. At least this comment made it to the proper place. I love that we can all get on enough to just be around each other. 

Cherie - It was a good send off, and done well. The organisers can take pride in their achievement.

Sharon - I'm expecting the price of potatoes to go up here after a very dry summer. There's hardly anything that's cheap.

Bear had today off so disappeared to meet up with friends for the day. He seemed to have a good time. While he was out, I called into In n Out Garage to get a sidelight replaced. I was ridiculously early, but they have a waiting area where you are welcome to wait, and they have a tea/coffee/chocolate machine as well! I didn't bother with a drink, but settled down with my knitting. They didn't take long, but then we hit a snag. They charged £5, which I was happy with. However their card machine wasn't working and they didn't have change for a £10 note. I ended up nipping next door to Wickes to buy something. I ended up buying a pack of microfibre cloths, which I regretted almost straight away as I know that microfibre is not as ecologically sound as I thought. I've had a quick google, and there seem to be some people that thing they are good, but others who condemn them. I may have wasted the £6 (£4 change plus the £1 I had in my purse). Anyway, I paid for the light. And they are a nice colour.

I called in to Aldi after that (forgot the beans and sausage that bear liked, darn it) and they had even more yarn. I didn't buy any. That is not to say that I wasn't tempted.

On to why I've called the post that - DH and I have just spent hours unblocking our toilet. There was a lot of stress, splash and odiferous content. It was disgusting. 

We started with a sort of wire snake, went on with washing up liquid, then boiling water, then baking-soda and vinegar. I had a kilo of baking soda and a gallon of vinegar and we went large, but it still didn't clear it, though it made a lot of nice bubbles in the washing up liquid. In the end we went to B&Q and got a plunger that really helped. Currently there are a lot of clothes in the washer, with an extra rinse and at the hottest temperature they'll take. I need to deep clean the bathroom tomorrow. DH was an absolute hero throughout.

And this throws out the plans I have for tomorrow as well. I think I shall have to micromanage the lists. I have so much that I need to do that's time sensitive. I think I will have an early night and worry about it in the morning.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. A clogged up toilet is a horrible thing! I'm glad you were able to get it unclogged. It sounds like you'll be busy, tomorrow. Hope it all goes well.

  2. Some vociferous people conflate the issue of microfibres (which are from any fabric, but especially any synthetics) getting into the sea and being eaten by marine life, with "microfibre cloths". Of course microfibre cloths have (and, I presume, shed fibres the same as anything else)., but they aren't the devil incarnate. The advantage of microfibre cloths over other cloths is that you don't need any/much chemicals to clean, because the formation of the cloths means they do a lot of the cleaning work for you. Unlike, say, kitchen roll or disposable cloths, they can be washed - at high temperature which keeps them sanitary - and reused many many times. Just don't use any fabric conditioner or softeners (because they clog up the fibres). Surely the worst of all worlds are the chemical soaked disposable cloths?

  3. the post about the cloths was me :-)

  4. Ack sorry about the toilet. Yuck. Hope it stays unclogged!

  5. We use Eco Egg Bamboo Towels. They're fully washable and reusable, and come on a roll like kitchen towel.
    Each cloth can be washed up to 85 times, although some of mine have been well beyond that number of washes and are still going strong!
    I also use the Eco Eggs for laundry washing, they clunk around a bit in the washer, but get clothes wonderfully clean and fresh. They're far better for the planet than laundry powders or liquids, and work out to be a lot cheaper too. They're very popular now, but I started using them in 2014, and am still using them now, so that proves how happy I am with the product!
    My washing machine's a Miele, all singing, all dancing, and has a 'twin dos' system, which uses Miele's own laundry liquid, from automatic dispensers. Their laundry liquids are great, and give wonderful results, but using them for every wash was costing me almost £70 every three months, so I use one order's worth of Miele stuff, then three months or so of the Eco Eggs, it saves me a fortune!
    Have a look at the Eco Egg website, they have lots of great things, we even use bamboo toothbrushes from them now! X